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The Nose

So I am feeling more than a little smug because I had guessed correctly the gender of the “royal baby”. This was how it happened – the guessing, I mean. Not the birth of the baby. Who is now the Prince of Cambridge. How cute is that title? Also, he is the real prince – it irritates me when parents refer to their offspring as “princess” or “prince”. Who made you king?

Anyway, back to the story. Mr Thick and I were sitting in Mr A’s room, just talking about everything and anything while the kiddo plays on his own. It’s part of his bedtime routine and we usually leave him to do stuff by himself while we catch up for a bit.

Mr Thick: Oh Kate is in labour.

Me: I bet it’s a girl.

Mr Thick: How do you know?

Me: Don’t know. Just guessing. Actually, let me look at her pregnant photos.

(Googles for pictures of the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge.)

Me: It’s definitely a boy. I mean, look at that nose!

Mr Thick: What nose?

Me: THIS NOSE. Plus, she looks uglier in some photos. She has never looked ugly before she got pregnant. Therefore, it must be a boy.


That’s because I sported THE NOSE during my pregnancy. Never get between a mama and her nose (evidence below).

3 thoughts on “The Nose”

  1. i totally had THE NOSE too!! hence the lack of pictures during my pregnancy!! i know it sounds super vain but some things are definitely better forgotten! 🙂


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