Little Miss Shopaholic

Blah blah blah

Yeah. That sums up how I feel these days. Boring and uninspired.

The words are eluding me.
The mind is dulled.
My clothes are boring.

Speaking of which, it’s amazing how my wardrobe choices have changed since I became a mother. While I used to spend time creating an outfit for the weekends, my outfit du jour these days are shorts and flats.

It’s convenient, really. I can’t wear skirts when we take Aidan to his baby gym class because there’s a lot of running (the parents, in addition to the child) involved and we also do stuff like tumbling around. And dresses are out because I am still fulfilling my mudderly duties. I try not to wear jeans because we sometimes end up outdoors at a park or at the beach and it’s mad hot.

So shorts, it is. I guess it’s a good excuse for me to start building up my collection of shorts?

And is having a second pair of Saltwater sandals frivolous? (No, right? RIGHT?)

(No, my toes are usually not painted. I don’t like having to remove the polish, I end up scraping it off. Urghs. So klassy.)


Zalora recently contacted me to let me know that the company is now the exclusive online vendor of River Island Singapore. The official launch party is on September 13 but the preview is up online now.

I used to love River Island when it was in Singapore. It was a bit pricey for my wallet but hey, that’s what sales are for. In fact, one of my favourite jackets was scored at a sale from the brand:

So yay that they are coming back!

Disclaimer: I will be given a Zalora shopping voucher but all views expressed are purely mine. Honestly, I would never mention a brand that I don’t personally like. 😉

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