Bun in oven

Oh, bile!

Officially, we are almost seven weeks pregnant.

According to the scan we did a week ago, I was 5W6D. Which is slightly further along than I thought we were, based on my last period. But then again, baby has his father’s genes so I should not be too surprised.

The odd thing with this pregnancy is that I had the symptoms way before I peed on the stick. I suppose I was in denial. You see, after going through infertility, you become wary of hope. All those months of thinking, am I pregnant, and then realising that you are not, can have quite the impact on your mental wellbeing.

Days leading up to the date of my expected period, I was feeling slightly nauseated. But I, unfortunately, always get the full pregnancy works BEFORE my period arrives (think nausea, backache, headache, fatigue) so I refused to put too much thought into it. Defense mechanism kicking in, you see.

Until three days after my period was due. I realised that I needed dried mango to keep from retching and then it clicked in my mind.

Told husband to buy a pee test – the cheapest, please, in case it’s a negative – and he came home with TWO. One, a house brand and the other, a premium brand. I sat on the loo, peed and LO AND BEHOLD. And then I did it again the next morning and TWO LINES AGAIN.

As Singaporeans like to say, confirm chop and guarantee.

Since then, I have been plagued by nausea. It’s awful, really, having that sick, burning feeling in the middle of your chest all day long. Bad enough for me to tell husband that I am NEVER going through this again.

Hah. Pregnancy is the best contraception. WHO KNEW.

As for fatigue…well, har har. I mean, Older Child is not sleeping through the night so I am perpetually tired anyway, irregardless of Younger.

The school term starts tomorrow so it’s going to be an interesting ride.

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