Bun in oven

Same same but different

So. Barely seven weeks in and I can already see how different this pregnancy is from the previous one, and how similar.

For starters, I am getting the pre-requsite nausea. All the time. There is no “morning sickness” for me, it’s mostly “all-day sickness”. The difference this time, however, is that the nausea peaks in the evening. Just before I leave work, I can feel the bile rising and churning around my chest. Just awful. Luckily, my boss has been quite kind and has allowed me to go off earlier should I feel unwell. Hurray!

And oh, the eating! Back then, the nausea was enough to put me off food. I hardly ate! This time, I get hungry thinking about my food cravings despite the nausea. I’d be all RETCH RETCH RETCH and still be thinking of char kway teow and prawn noodles. Very odd! As husband says, it’s obvious that my stomach and my brains are NOT on talking terms.

This also means that I eat. A lot. And feel pukey. A lot.

How, like that. I’m going to be one of those waddling, fat mamas soon, hur hur.

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