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Me, myself and I

Over the weekend, I took off for a solo staycation.

That’s right. I left my boys at home and checked into a hotel all by myself. And it was the best thing that I have done for myself since I got married and got myself knocked up.

For the past five years since we have been married, I’ve only been away from husband once – when I went for a holiday with my cousins. And ever since my little man was born, I’ve never slept alone. There is always somebody in my bed. It’s just a matter of their sizes and how much space they take (you’d be surprised at how inversely proportionate this is).

With the constant night waking and the ever-present snoring from the Snorecerous Maximus, I have NOT had a good night’s sleep since I was in my 20s. Which was not too long ago. (HA HA HA.)

Plus, I have always scored a 50/50 for my Myers-Briggs test on the Extrovert/Introvert scale, which means that as much as I love being around people, I also recharge by being alone. Doing the stuff that I enjoy, like reading and watching movies and writing. By MYSELF. And that obviously has been in short supply for the past 20 months.

Enough is enough, I decided and searched for the perfect weekend hotel deal.

On Friday evening, I brought a little weekend bag with me to the hotel and began my solo time out.

Initially, I thought that I would be bored. Wouldn’t be able to sleep in a strange bed. Would get lonely. Would not know what to do with myself.

But I surprised myself. With just an iPad loaded with episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and three books, I kept myself holed up in the room and enjoyed every second of it. I was perfectly happy not to see anybody, I relished the sound of silence. Snuggling into the sheets with a book in my hand, I only ventured out when I had to feed myself. (I read! A book! Not something that was on Facebook or Twitter or New York Times. A book!)

It was perfect.

Oh, I missed my boys, I did. But I surprised myself by how little I missed them. I had expected it to be of epic proportions but it wasn’t.

And the uninterrupted sleep certainly helped. Heh. For the first time in what feels like forever, I slept and slept. And slept. There was nobody to wake me up. The sheets were crisp and comfortable, and I had a whole king bed to myself.

Sheer bliss.

I think I might have to do it again. 😉

6 thoughts on “Me, myself and I”

  1. sounds absolutely awesome. even with the lil bub still on th way…im already losing slp from the kicky snorey Husb..or the round achey tummy. and am wishing for such alone time of me myself and bed too! Haha


  2. lol…. after i met you on friday at the car service? lol …did n’t look like you were going for a stayacation! hahaa ALONE!


  3. What an awesome me-time that sounds! You often blow me away with the things that you do, and I love that you do. You’re so cool and yay to getting a solid weekend’s worth of rest. Now, I’m tempted to pick up that book and have a read too. Alone. Probably in a cafe with background noise from the coffee machine. But alone. 🙂


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