Two of Us

Happy 14

Dear husband,

Last year, I wrote that 14 is going to be even better than 13. And I was right. Because this year has been so damn wonderful.

We started out the year as exhausted parents of one and we are ending the year as exhausted parents of one, with another on the way. But it’s not just our roles as parents that have made this year a marvellous one, it’s that you and I are still crazy in love with each other.

It’s so hard to imagine. 14 years we have been with each other, that’s 14 years of dealing with all those insecurities and mismatched expectations and external frustrations. The insecurities and expectations, we have long gone past that. And what’s left is still the undeniable truth that we make each other laugh and love.

When I was a kid, I wanted to marry a handsome jock who would buy me a house and treat me like a princess. When I grew up, I married a geek who adopted two cats with me, bought me an iPhone docking system and treats me like an equal. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because you make me laugh so damn hard, every single day.
Because I still look at you and think, damn, I love this man so much.
Because we complete each other’s sentences.
Because we understand each other’s crappy, lame jokes.
Because you have stepped into fatherhood so perfectly and naturally.
Because you buy me ice-cream and milkshake when you sense that I need one desperately.
Because you rub my feet and calves when I am tired (and you have even taught our son to do it!).
Because you make me hot ginger tea when I am feeling sick with nausea (like last night).
Because you are the shining example to our boy on how to treat a girl right and with respect.
Because you let me get that 10 minutes of extra sleep while you take Aidan out of the room to feed him breakfast and change his diaper.
Because I buy too many pretty plates and you merely shake your head at me.
Because we have such fun cycling dates at night for ice-cream.
Because I never feel alone – never ever – when I am with you.
Because you think I am awesome and super capable and the Best Mum In The World.


Because you love me so damn much and you let me know it.

There – 15 reasons for the 14 years that we have been together. I have outdone myself and you are waiting for me to go for our anniversary lunch.

To many more adventurous, crazy, laughter-filled and lovely 14 years ahead of us.

Love you many many.

We got shot again