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Gimme some Sex and the City

!(imgcenter)! This is enough to make me salivate and go into deep throes of lust-induced madness. Sex and the City – The Complete Series (Collector’s Giftset) This gorgeous pink boxset has the complete series, all six seasons, on 19 discs plus a bonus disc. Supposedly, the bonus disc contains: Sex Essentials – a video jukebox… Continue reading Gimme some Sex and the City

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A dash of pink and black

!(imgcenter) keep me sane)!: Almost four years since graduation, I realise that I have stopped decorating my workdesk. When I first started, I had cheery pictures of us in Hawaii and my nephew adorning the walls of my cubicle. These days, my desk is just that: a desk to aid my productivity so that I… Continue reading A dash of pink and black

Little Miss Shopaholic

Go forth and experiment!

!(imgleft)! There are times when the feathers of Little Miss Shopaholic get so terribly ruffled. See, LMS does not believe in wearing “safe” outfits all the time. While she enjoys going back to the basics on occasion, she does not think that basics equates to everyday. Sure, that pair of legs-lengthening Levis topped with a… Continue reading Go forth and experiment!

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Don Henley’s Heart of the Matter

Wow. If I had thought that India.Arie’s version rocked, then I should have dug deeper to find out who the original singer is: the inimitable Don Henley. India.Arie’s version suits the Sex and the City movie perfectly – it’s slick and polished. Don Henley, on the other hand, channels ruggedness and heartbreak. Perfect for that… Continue reading Don Henley’s Heart of the Matter