Happy hen

Not too long ago, we had a hen party for bride-to-be Popartgirl. She was stricken with food poisoning and we had a pregnant lady among us so it really was a no-brainer to skip the drunken revelry and have a quiet evening in instead.

What’s that?, I hear you say, QUIET evening for a hen party? Yeah, that’s exactly what I said.

Squirt and I had the lady blindfolded and kidnapped to our scene of crime, and had her sit on the bed with her blindfold on as we zipped around putting the room in order. Then, we put her (and us) in a cab and headed down for some girly time of pedicures and massages at Pink Parlour (which wasn’t great, to be honest).

Headed back to the room and had a cookout. On the menu was buttermilk fried chicken, pumpkin soup, salad and crackers while dessert was a peach cobbler made by Squirt. We ate and chatted and then watched (500) Days of Summer and Beauty and the Beast. What can I say? We are geriatrics. We nattered quite a bit and snuggled up on the double bed in the studio of Citadines Singapore Mount Sophia (which is very, very nice!).

Blindfolded Bride
Cupcakes from Little House of Dreams
The unveiling
Trev and his banana


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k-ki x 2

I took a nice week-long break at the end of March and it was such a fantastic breather! To be honest, I had been feeling a little deflated at work so the week away from the office helped to plump up the spirits a little.

After my last post gushing about k-ki, both Yuling and Squirt told me they wanted to have tea with me there. And that was how I ended up going there twice in as many days. Not that I am complaining, really, because I love that place! It’s really a quiet and cosy sanctuary from the buzz of the cosmopolitan world, and I was happy to seek refuge in teas and delicious cakes.

I got to play with the sweet-natured and adorable Missy Raeann, and she was such a well-behaved darling that the adults could have a proper long chat. You cannot go near Raeann and not come away wanting to have a pretty baby girl like her. Kudos to her fantastic parents!

And then the next day, Squirt and I had a nice conversation about everything. I can’t recall the last time we chatted like that so it was fab to spend time with the mommy-to-be before she is engulfed in a mountain of diapers.

Pictures! This time, I remembered to bring the camera along.

Mommy wiped her face and she obviously didn't like it!
Cheesecake souffle
Two cakes and two lattes
Antoinette - white chocolate cake with mango filling
Litte Drom Store behind Squirt
I could stay in here forever

Out in the field

The weather was perfect today.

It was sunny AND windy at the same time, just right for a picnic. And it was a great way to end the week for me, especially after the second of my six-day work week. It’s tiring having only Sunday to rest – by the end of Saturday, I felt so zonked that all I wanted to do after dinner was to go home and sleep. Two down, six to go.

Anyway, we had the Squirts and Popartgirls (ie. the girls and their partners) over for a little potluck picnic and it was wonderful. Although the kite flying was EPIC FAIL – where was Trevor when you needed him? – the rest of it was fabulous. Great conversation, catching up, delicious food, jokes…I guess I am an introvert by nature, I’d rather spend time with a small group of friends than to hang out at parties. Not that I am hip enough to be actually invited for parties.

Four soups and a lemonade

Cooking is becoming therapeutic for me. I happily spent two hours in the kitchen in the afternoon whipping up a lemonade, white wine sabayon, roasted tomato soup and sauteed mushrooms. My bad leg was aching by the end of it but boy was I on a roll. Recipes to follow shortly!

Eagle not quite soaring in the sky

That’s our kite on the right. If it doesn’t look too high to you, well, it’s cos it DIDN’T stay up in the sky for more than 30 seconds.

The carnage

On top of what I made, we also had Ikea fried chicken wings (DA BEST!!), beer bread, tuna, Daim cake and fruits. We were STUFFED after that.

Dotz stuffing her face

Ikea chicken wings are GOOD STUFF.

Dotz and Melvyn
Dawn and Xuhao

It’s hard to believe that we have been friends for more than 10 years. We shared secrets and giggles as school girls, got married and became a group of six, and in the future, our kids will be friends and play together. And then we will trade stories of teenage angst and go line dancing together. Can’t wait!

Happy birthday to husband!

They thoughtfully celebrated husband’s birthday in advance – and I promptly took a bite of his Daim cake before he did. Of course, he didn’t mind.

The sky turned dark

It was a perfect Sunday.


Birds fly high, hard to catch

We had the friends over in the evening and were going through some old photos. It brought back a lot of good memories: we giggled till our tummies ached and the air was constantly punctuated with shouts of when did we take this?

I cannot believe we have been hanging out since 1999. It’s been 10 years. The physical and emotional changes that Time has wrought on us, oh, how we have evolved. But despite all that, we are still the same us and we still stand by one another and have too much fun together.

The third wedding in the group (Mr Thick and I were the second) will be happening at the end of the month and I am so, so happy for the couple. Tomorrow’s going to be the stag night and this time, the girls are invited! Woot!

Circa 2002? Or 2004?
Circa 2002? Or 2004?

Friends, Two of Us

Weekend wonder

This weekend, we celebrated our first anniversary! The real date is actually September 14 but it being a Monday, we decided to bring forward the celebrations by a couple of days.

Now, when I say “celebrate”, I use the term rather loosely. There were no big bouquets of flowers (well, I had that a month ago) nor did we go to a fancy restaurant. No presents were exchanged. It was all very simple and, well, usual.

Husband and I went to the gym on Saturday and killed our legs by going for a RPM class. Then we checked into Grand Park City Hall for a weekend spa stay. The hotel is not the most luxurious by any standards, but it’s clean, comfortable and pleasant. I had indicated that it was our anniversary when I made the booking and the hotel was kind enough to upgrade our room and extended our check-out time. Nice touch.

Off we went to jalan jalan. Didn’t buy anything but we had a great meal at The Handburger. I love cheese so we had the blue cheese burger and can I say that the combination of the blue cheese and the caramelised onions was FABULOUS. Smell my cheese!

Dinner was at Shashlik – one of my fondest restaurants in Singapore. The wait staff are usually a bunch of grumpy elderly folk and stepping into the restaurant brings you right back to the ’70s. There’s been more than a few complaints about the grouchy waiters but seriously, don’t take it too personally. There was once when a grandfather-type waiter scooped a dollop of sour cream onto the table instead of into the borsch in front of me and he didn’t even bat an eyelid. It’s hysterical and really part of the charm.

We each had steaks and then the evening ended with a Russian coffee for husband. This is how it’s made: one part vodka, one part kahlua (or something similar) poured into a glass that’s been heated up by flames shooting up from a gas stove. Set the alcohol on fire and then proceed to pour the coffee into the glass, topped with a dollop of cream. Voila! Husband’s face upon taking the first sip was hilarious – it’s super duper strong! Coming to Shashlik is always a treat because they like to do the flambe in front of their patrons and it’s always so fun to watch!

Wave, husband, wave!
Wave, husband, wave!

We had our 60-minute massage the next day (ie. today) at Spa Park Asia as part of the package and boy, did we need that. When the aunty masseuse rubbed my hamstring and shoulders, my mind immediately went “Ooooohhhhh…” She was thorough and firm without being rough. It was a pretty decent massage, although I was a little taken aback that we weren’t informed what sort of massage it was going to be, she didn’t ask me if the pressure was just right and she also did not give me a chance to tell her about my problem areas.

We then packed our bags and went home to our kitten. And then, what did I see but a series of tweets from Stella, who went into labour early this morning! It was all very exciting – Imp and I were cheering her on via Twitter. Don’t you just love the wonders of the Internet!

Anyway, say hi to the super bright-eyed and adorable Dylan Ng:

Baby Dylan
Baby Dylan

Isn’t he just too cute? And you gotta give it to Mommy – she TWEETED AND BLOGGED throughout labour. When I am about to pop a bawling babe out of my va-jay-jay in future, one word: EPIDURAL.

And that is/was my weekend. Oh, in case you are wondering, we didn’t take many photos because neither of us brought our cameras. We survived on the holga, my iPhone and a disposable camera.


A plug for dottieshop


I have a friend named Dotz.
Dotz is a very special person.
She is not only one of the nicest, funniest and sweetest persons in the world, she is also absolutely amazing at handicraft.
She can make pretty things out of scrap paper, and turn Mathematics lecture notes into pieces of art.
So, she is really talented.
But how nice is Dotz?
Well, she is now creating and selling of artwork for a living but that’s not all.
Part of her profits will go to non-profit organisation, For The Silent.
If that is not nice, I don’t know what is.
If you are looking to buy unique and heartfelt gifts for a friend, or a card for your Dad, head over to dottieshop and check out what Dotz has in store for you.


Say what?

Here’s a reason why I love my friends so much: our nonsensical ramblings. On a recent email discussion about the upcoming trip to watch Cats, here is what we had to say.

Skunk: Can’t wait to listen to all the familiar songs again! Who am I? Who am I? I’m Jean Valjean!!

Wayne: uhm….u got the wrong musical? u just sang starlight express songs lor…

Skunk: My bad. Lemme recall another song from Cats.

No more talk of darkness,
Forget this wide eye fears.
I’m here, with you beside you,
To hold you and to guide you.

Wayne: much better. u really should brush up on ur musicals…

Jane: I know the ultimate song…

“are we human, or are we dancer…”
and i can so imagine christine singing to it.
i love CATS!

Me: imagine christine singing and playing the drums at the same time…wahahaha!

Wayne: she can bang on my drums anytime…

Jane: cool we’ll provide her metal sticks…

Skunk: Who is this Christine?

Bryan: Erm, the Phantom?

Skunk: Oh, I prefer Eponine.

Jane: Please, I am sure your favourite is the apparition of Fantine

Skunk: And urs is the Obildo…the stage hand that was hung by the phantom before he kidnapped Christine.

Jane: my apologies. i mean the pet monkey in phantom that ‘died’ at the end of the show.

Me: i like the monkey in the music box that goes round and round…he has got so much character and he acted very well.

Skunk: See? A fellow admirer too. Too much rave about phantom/Christine/raoul…monkey was actually the pivotal role in the entire musical. He was the only companion of phantom…the only “person” who did not judge him on his appearance…the only one who accepted him as an individual and not a monster.

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What not to believe

6 days.
5 cameras.
4 islands.
3 rings.
2 individuals.
1 honeymoon.

Yup, we are back and looking 20 shades darker than before. We had a whale of a time at Lombok and have plenty of pictures to show for it.

But. That’s not the point of this post. The following is a video that supposedly tells of how the husband and I got together. It’s conceptualised and acted out by our wacky friends, which means that 99% of the “storyline” is nonsensical. But it’s so hilarious that I just had to share the love! I remember standing there in the middle of the ballroom laughing so hard that my sides hurt and my tears flowed freely. I had been expecting embarrassing anecdotes or photo evidence, not a full-blown nutty video.

And it was supremely awesome. The evening had started off badly enough and I was really quite down in the doldrums. But it got better and better and the video was a great antidote.

So, thanks to all our friends who participated in this “Making Of” video, especially our favourite CWB. Lots of lurving, man!

Friends, Wedding March

It’s not about us


Sometimes, I feel that the wedding is not just about me and him: it’s also about the people close to us.

I’m truly blessed with the best family ever. When things are rough, I can always hide in their safe harbours and be a child again. It doesn’t matter how old I am – with my god-sisters (who are also my cousins), I am the baby all over again. Take the recent debacle with my own sister, for instance. I love her with all my heart but she just has the ability to break me down, over and over again. When the cousins got wind of it, they comforted me and became the guiding, tolerant sisters that I sometimes wished my own sister is. They heard me rant, heard my pain and gave me protection under their generous wings.

The best thing is, they are genuinely excited about the wedding – planning their outfits, going shopping to buy me wedding presents, offering to sponsor us everything from a three-tier cake from The Patissier to the wedding dress etc because they know that we are saving for the house. The boyf gets along splendidly with them, which makes me really happy, because their approval matters to me.

And then, there are my friends. It is only tonight, at Sandy’s house, that I finally saw the vision that these wonderful people have for our wedding. Looking at the giant monogram that Trev had whipped up for me (and is probably working on, right now), I was struck speechless. It was extremely time-consuming and so very beautiful and grand. And as I listened to the piano recording that Grace and Joyce had put together for our processional, I felt incredibly moved. It may be a simple 1.5 minute refrain; yet it speaks volumes of their affection for us. Plus, the angpow box that Squirt and Popartgirl had created for us is just perfect – I could never have come up with something so ingenious and apt.

Us, little ‘ol us – they are doing all these things for us, with no strings attached, no reason other than they want our wedding to be perfect for us.

I really don’t know what I have done to deserve all these.

If I end up being a boohoo baby on stage on Sunday night and not able to articulate my thoughts, know that in my heart, I am very grateful to all of you. It’s not just our wedding – every little step along the way has been touched by you, in one way or another. If the wedding is memorable, it’s because of you.

And I am very glad to have you along the journey.