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The Nose

So I am feeling more than a little smug because I had guessed correctly the gender of the “royal baby”. This was how it happened – the guessing, I mean. Not the birth of the baby. Who is now the Prince of Cambridge. How cute is that title? Also, he is the real prince – it irritates me when parents refer to their offspring as “princess” or “prince”. Who made you king?

Anyway, back to the story. Mr Thick and I were sitting in Mr A’s room, just talking about everything and anything while the kiddo plays on his own. It’s part of his bedtime routine and we usually leave him to do stuff by himself while we catch up for a bit.

Mr Thick: Oh Kate is in labour.

Me: I bet it’s a girl.

Mr Thick: How do you know?

Me: Don’t know. Just guessing. Actually, let me look at her pregnant photos.

(Googles for pictures of the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge.)

Me: It’s definitely a boy. I mean, look at that nose!

Mr Thick: What nose?

Me: THIS NOSE. Plus, she looks uglier in some photos. She has never looked ugly before she got pregnant. Therefore, it must be a boy.


That’s because I sported THE NOSE during my pregnancy. Never get between a mama and her nose (evidence below).

Silly things

Liebster Award | Of elevens

The very lovely Katrijn of Singapore Tamtam has decided that I am worthy of the Liebster Award. Whee!

The rules that come attached with this award:
1. When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
2. Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.
3. You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you!
4. Make sure the blogs you chose have 200 or LESS followers.

I’m not going to pass the award on, simply because I am sleep deprived and cannot think straight. Yeah, mental leap season is upon us. I know, I know, when the heck is it not mental leap season? Good times!

So here goes, the 11 random facts about me.
1. I cuss like a sailor. Terrible. I tried to stop but I can’t. It’s so unrefined and unbecoming of a kim gek but hey, if it works…
2. My feet is tiny, I wear size 35 shoes. It’s annoying sometimes because the shops run out of this size very quickly!
3. Despite my unruly hair, I have never straightened nor rebonded it. I don’t have the patience to sit at the salon for hours on end. This is why my hair always looks like the lion’s mane.
4. When I was a kid, I was often lonely and would stare into the night sky, pretending that the stars were twinkling down at me. That began my affinity with astronomy.
5. I have my mother to thank for my love for writing. She brought me to the library regularly when I was a child, and indulged in my love for books despite the fact that we didn’t have much money.
6. I’m stubborn like a mule. Once I have set my mind on something or someone, nothing can change my mind.
7. My kid peed on me after his bath this evening. Cheeky little bugger.
8. I may not look it but man, do I love my food!
9. I don’t keep my nails long, thanks to the habit instilled in me during my piano-playing days. Long nails make me feel all icky and weird, and they get in the way of everything.
10. Growing up, I have never been one of the girls who was popular or attracted the jock. Nay, I only drew the interest of nerdy boys. I don’t know why!
11. Even though I have the body of a stick insect, the mammaries of a pre-pubescent child and skin resembling an oil field, I have never been one of those girls who wished to be like a supermodel. Strangely enough, I never hankered to be perfect and was happy being gangly ‘ol me.

Part of deal requires me to answer 11 questions that Katrijn had for me so here are my answers.

1. What song or performer will make it onto every mix tape or spotify list you’ll ever assemble?
Adele’s rendition of Make You Feel My Love. It will always remind me of that time when I hit rock bottom and had to claw my way out slowly.

2. What book or article are you still thinking about?
Today, it’s Cloud Atlas! I am thinking that it might be a book that would appeal to me.

3. Where on the internet do you waste most time? And where on the internet do you find most interesting/inspiring/influential news and stories?
Actually, the Internet is my playground. I get distracted easily and move from site to site quite quickly. For news, I love New York Times. It’s really my daily fix.

4. What newspaper/website/twitterfeed do you follow to keep abreast of current events in your geographic area?
Channel News Asia.

5. And where will you take me when I come to visit?
The Botanic Gardens.

6. How do you meet locals in your neighbourhood?
At the lift landing and at the playground.

7. How would you describe your style?
Eclectic. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I am all about vintage Stepford Wives and other times it’s menswear for me.

8. What’s your favourite hobbyhorse to get on? What do you love to hate?
Hmm, that’s a tough one. I guess it would be the lack of flexible working arrangements in Singapore in general. And I love to hate ugly behaviour. People being rude, people being inconsiderate etc. Don’t get me started.

9. What parenting taboos or practices have you come across in your culture?
HA. HAHAHA. I’m all about breaking traditional parenting practices. I don’t feed my kid porridge, for instance. Many of my parenting principles run parallel to those of attachment parenting.

10. What parenting practices do you think should be adopted from elsewhere?
Gosh, that’s hard. I don’t think I know enough to say for certain. What I would like, however, is shorter working hours. If I can just get off from work 30 minutes earlier each day at 530pm, that would give me the opportunity to actually do stuff with my little man.

11. When and what made you change your mind?
Don’t know!

Phew! That’s a long one. I’m off to bed soon, please do take on the questions if you feel like! And please feel free to share your answers with me.

Silly things

Puddles of fun

‘Twas a rainy day this morning and guess what went onto my feet? Why, my Fabulously Gorgeous wellies, of course!

I cut across the open air space on the campus compound to jump into some puddles of rain and oh my word, I haven’t had such fun in a while. I even retracted my steps to go back and gleefully kick out at some puddles that were begging to be kicked.

While everyone was hurrying along the sheltered walkway, I was madly splashing around in the open air. And that was super duper fun!

Wellies keep those toes snug and dry
Splashing around
Silly things

My little Poupee

I’ve just started on this ridiculously addictive online community called, amusingly enough, Pupe.

If you have played with paper dolls when you were a wee kiddo, then Pupe would appeal to you. The premise is simple: you earn ribbons by uploading pictures of your fashion-related items such as shoes, bags, dresses, tights etc. With these ribbons, you can now purchase clothes and accessories for your virtual paper doll. Basically, it’s like shopping for things without using real money! You can also earn ribbons by commenting on the stuff that others have uploaded or when you sell off items.

I am so hooked onto it that I have been snapping pictures of the things in my exploding wardrobe, just so I can earn ribbons to buy more things. It’s madness. Anyway, here’s my poupee (the virtual doll) today, after four wardrobe changes:
!(imgcenter)https://yannisms.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/poupee.tiff(My Poupee)!

Drop me a note with your email address if you are as bored as I was and I will send you an invite! We’ll both get 30 ribbons to spend. 😉

Silly things

Bunnies galore!

This is one of the cutest and best ads I have seen in a while now.

Dear Fallon, can I have a bunny please? Preferably the giant-sized red one standing in the middle of New York City?

Besides cute bunnies, I have been quite taken by some really ugly raving rabbids. They are stupid, bug-eyed, primitive and extremely hilarious. This is one of the most hilarious and ridiculous games I have ever played but it is so much fun! Some of the silly “trials” you have to pass in order to move on to the next stage: swing a huge cow by its chain to throw it as far away as possible, drown invading rabbids by squirting carrot juice into their diving masks, shoot the rabbids down with toilet plungers, play football with a rabbid as the ball, slap shut the toilet doors of rabbids doing their business or be shot at with toilet plungers.

Check out the video, it is so stupidly funny:

Silly things

Love Letters – An animated proposal

In the spirit of proposals, here is something I found on the wonderful world of Internet – a beautifully- and meticulously-crafted proposal that probably took many days and nights to plan.

The guy’s an animator and he had roped in his colleagues and college students to come up with an animated clip that was shown at what was supposed to be a free screening of a romantic comedy. He duped his girlfriend into thinking that she had won a luxury movie package and to her surprise, the characters of the movie looked exactly like the two of them.

The original film is here and below is her reaction during the four-minute screening. Really sweet stuff. Sniffs.