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I am such a fraudster.
This morning, I went for an interview with an imaging tools company and the regional sales manager shot me this question: “What is the hot topic within the industry now?”
My mind went into a blank and and I stared at him. Thankfully, he was oblivious to my uninformed silence and proceeded, “Is it security or storage or…?” Ahh. Security, the one thing that I actually know something about. I prattled on about mobile employees and spyware and the like and he looked suitably impressed.

Okay, the blankness could also be due to the fact that I was stoned out from my trip to KL on Monday (and back Tuesday, I might add). I barely slept a wink on Monday night and had to get up at 6.30am (PR people should always schedule their events from 10.30am onwards, damnit) to prepare for the event.

KL was hot, dusty and hazy. If you think that the haze in Singapore is disgusting, then KL was a gazillion times worse. While on the highway heading away from the airport, the sides of the roads whizzed by me in a grey blur. I saw some cows grazing on the fields next to the highway and was wondering if they would, like, die of excessive carbon dioxide inhalation or something.

I reached the hotel (which had a kickass view of the Petronas Towers and a gigantic comfy room) at 6pm and with no time to lose, took the monorail down to the Bukit Bintang area to do some serious damage to my bank account. There is something strangely empowering about travelling on my own, it made me feel self-important and grown-up. But all that vanished when it started pouring the second the train left the station. I had to go into FOS (Factory Outlet Store) to buy an umbrella. But by the time I had finished ransacking through the racks, trying out a mountain of stuff and purchasing a smaller mountain of stuff from FOS, the rain had stopped. Nevermind, at least I had the chance to stock up on Abercrombie & Fitch. I bought a tiny denim A&F mini-skirt which is almost indecent but not as indecent as another Hollister skirt that I had tried. That one was barely 15cm in length, you could practically see your bare arse if you just lean slightly forward, which is probably every hum-sup ah pek’s wet dream.

So that was KL.

Now that I am back home, I still find my mind a blank. Think it is due to the fact that I am still stoned out from my trip to KL. Like Abby, I can’t seem to find anything interesting to write about. Oh wait, there’s the widespread and phenomenal sexyblogger campaign, which the boyfriend had apparently participated in. But methinks nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can out-tongue the original herself. But if you think you have a sexy tongue, go take a photo of you doing the tongue thang and post it up on flickr. Me? I say, been there, done that. Heh heh.

The not-so-sexyblogger tongue thing
Doing…err…did the tongue thing a lot last year. Don’t ask me why, it just popped out.

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I have a white iPod mini

Yesterday, I found myself bundled up in a cab together with my two cousins (let’s call them Cousin A and B) and my older sister. Cousin B was contemplating buying an iPod and being iPod users, my sister and I were answering the queries that she had. Cousin A, although holding a very senior position in a global bank, was not really a techie and merely sat in the front seat listening on in our conversation.

Us: “iPod blah blah blah blah”
After a good 15 minutes of conversation, Cousin A suddenly said, “I have an iPod mini at home.”
(stunned silence)
Cousin B: “You let us talk for 15 minutes and all along you had one? You don’t use it right, why don’t you just give it to me?”
Cousin A: “Oh I got it free.”
Us: “What?!”
Cousin A: “Yeah, got it when I signed up for some insurance policy online. My (eight-year-old) son is playing with it now. He dances to it at home.”
(stunned silence)
Cousin B: “Can I exchange my AM/FM radio for the iPod mini? He can still sing and dance along to it.”

Later, we walked down to the Applecentre at Wheelock Place because Cousin B was heeding the siren calls of the iPod. At the underpass leading from Shaw House, we caught sight of the giant iPod poster. The three of us went up to the poster and began ooh-ing and ahh-ing over it, as if real iPods were housed in the glass enclosure.

Me: “Oh look at the pink iPod mini, it’s so cute.”
Cousin B: “Think I will want to get the iPod Photo.”
Us: “iPod blah blah blah blah blah”
Cousin A: (suddenly) “I have a white iPod mini.”
(stunned silence)
Me: “There is no white iPod mini.”
Cousin A: “Oh, but mine is a white one.”
Me: (pointing to the poster) “See, they only have green, pink, blue and silver. No white. White is iPod, not mini.”
Cousin A: (points to the iPod) “Yeah, that’s mine!”
(stunned silence)
Cousin B: “Your eight-year-old son is dancing at home to a 20GB device??”
Cousin A: “Come to think of it, I haven’t seen it around for a while. Wonder what he did with it.”
Me: (to Cousin B) “Maybe you should just buy a cheaper iPod mini and exchange it for the iPod with him.”
Cousin B: “No, I’ll just exchange for it with my tattered FM/AM radio.”

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Crazy Frog is The Annoying Thing

If you thought Badgerbadgerbadger was irritating, wait till you see The Annoying Thing.

A couple of weeks back, my friend Skunk introduced me to the highly hilarious ringtone named “Indian Ferrari”. It features a comical human voice mimicking the sound of a car’s engine. Piqued by the supremely funny tone, I set about finding the source of the ringtone, hoping that there would be more.

And voila! The Annoying Thing (otherwise known as Crazy Frog to its fans and detractors alike) is the answer to my questions. Find out about the evolution of the Crazy Frog here or better yet, download the side-splitting The Annoying Thing animation video that was created especially for the “Indian Ferrari” sound.

Excerpt from The Evolution of Crazy Frog:

We begin our short history lesson with the full ‘lyrics’ to the original sound file. I pray that someone, somewhere, will find them useful:
A ding ding ding ding dididing ding bing bing pscht,
Dorhrm bom bom bedom bem bom bedom bom bum ba ba bom bom,
Bouuuuum bom bom bedahm, Bom be barbedarm bedabedabedabeda
Bbrrrrrimm bbrrrrramm bbbrrrrrrrrraammmmm ddddddraammm,
Bah bah baah baah ba wheeeeeee-eeeee-eeeee!

Edit: Aforementioned fans and detractors are suspected to be mobile ringtone providers in disguise.

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Pluck your twangers, bounce your balls

Here is something which would fit right in with the “You know you are old when…” email, which usually feature an assortment of actions and scenarios ranging from red seats in the SBS buses to being entranced by Xiang Yun and Huang Wenyong on then-SBC’s Wu3 Suo3 Nan2 Yang2.

When I was a kid, my first brush with the language English came from television. Hailing from a Mandarin-speaking family, I never really spoke formal English until I went to primary school. But that did not deter me from catching shows like Sesame Street, Electric Company and Square One TV at the tender age of three. Since I was left mostly to my own devices, television and books became my faithful companions. I told time through the various programmes playing on television, not unlike the obese, spoilt brat Dudley in J K Rowling’s Harry Potter series (which is now available for pre-ordering, by the way). In fact, one of my earliest memories of television is that of River Thames in front of a light blue background with some instrumental music (trumpet, I recall) blaring. It was a television station’s “advertisement” and usually played at the end of the programme.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I got the link to an old episode of Rainbow TV. When the intro started, it jolted my memories, I actually remember it! But as the episode played on, my nostalgia turned to suppressed laughter. Some imaginative lines spouted in it include:
“you’ll have to stick it up yourself”,
“Are we going to play with our friend’s balls today?”,
“And I’m good at banging. My peg’s hard isn’t it, Zippy?”,
“Ooooh yes, and I was banging away all last night with Rod and Roger.”

Now tell me it’s all a string of startling coincidence, which the scriptwriters and producers have absolutely no knowledge of.

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An Apple a day…..

You know what they say about how doctors are deprived of business by virtue of a mere fruit.

If you think about it, it’s true. Using an Apple really keeps you healthy. No longer will you face heartrending pain when the unsaved document you were working on disappeared into the unknown depths of your peecee because it decided to throw a tantrum and show you the blue screen. Your blood pressure will remain at a safe level because Macs are virtually free from viruses, unlike a certain OS I know. Last I heard, the company manufacturing the substandard OS was busy releasing service packs to patch up security loopholes.

Was at Raffles Place this afternoon (hi Ash!) when I came across this:

Thought it was just so cute, I couldn’t resist.
Kudos to the Applecentres for such a smart marketing campaign.

What are you waiting for? Do a switch today!

Oh, and do check out the fantastic new iPod ad, featuring the fantastic single by the fantastic U2, “Vertigo”.

What’s Playing on iTunes
When I Look To The Sky from the album “My Private Nation” by Train

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Stop badgering me!

In the event that you are annoyed and irritated, as I am now, please feel free to go here. It will first intrigue you, amuse you, and consequently, drive you to the brink of insanity.


See, who needs a man when all that he does can be replaced by a website?

And if a man really vexes you to the point that you wish you could smack him on his head, do try out this site (taken from This has restored my good mood considerably.

Hell, ya!

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Me and a strip of toilet paper

Remember my fiasco with a strip of errant toilet paper two years ago?
That happened in the evening, when we were all about to go home from school.


Yeah, I reached home, went for my bath and found it waiting for me sneakily.
I cannot believe that I have done it again.
Am going to bury my head in embarrassment for the next 20 years.

Thankfully, it was a knee length skirt. *phew*

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The dumbest people on Earth

Believe me, there are such idiots hanging around on Earth, making themselves the butt(s) of all the jokes. I suspect that even the little Martians (alright, they may not be little and I am stereotyping) on the Red Planet are laughing themselves to extinction.< So where will you get to know about these doofuses? They are well documented in this CNET article. Here you will read about a man who was so frustrated with his laptop that he shot it with a gun (yes, a gun) before realising that he had important data saved on it. Well, he obviously wasn’t using an Apple Machine. Yes, I am definitely smirking.

There’s another dumb-dumb who threw his laptop out of the window when he found out that the police was going after him. And the best (in my opinion) story is the following: A man riding a moped dropped his laptop without realising it until after it got flattened by a lorry.

Go figure man.

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Not such a bitch afterall…..

Well, according to a test that I took at TheSpark anyway. *smirks*

Apparently, with a score of 32%, I am considerably less bitchy than my fellow worldwide females, who average 38% in the test.

How others compare:
2% (same as you)
30% (less bitchy than you)
68% (bitchier than you)

Oooooh so I am not that bad afterall. Wonder what score Claydoll and Dawn the*tooch* Sin (no I haven’t forgiven you for blatantly revealing my bra size at the blardy dining table) would get. Hmm.

Quirky statistics – Of the 7,795,616 test takers so far:
52% can use a gun
51% been in a catfight
50% cheated in a relationship
50% forget birthdays
46% blamed a friend for farting (hey, ME!!!!)
28% gnawed during oral sex (ouch!)
26% wear lots of hairspray
24% stomped on someone with high heels (wish it’s me *sulk*)

The bitchiest age group so far is 29 year olds. 29 year olds average 42% bitchy.
Women who like the taste of beer are more likely to cheat on their boyfriends. (err I like beer so…..)
Canadian women are more likely to consider themselves successful.
Girls with tattoos like authority less.
Girls who sleep with married men are more likely to forget their friends’ birthdays.