Cambodia: Such happy times

(Note: This was writtten during the trip and edited upon my return) We got happy-fied on the very first evening that we arrived in Siem Reap. “!(imgleft)!(Awaiting our pizza)”: EFB was enthusiastic and insistent that we go try out some healthy herbal pizza and we agreed. After walking past a few shops with names like… Continue reading Cambodia: Such happy times

Friends, Geek Girl

Nano-lust and NATAS

!(imgleft)! Decisions, decisions. I’m terrible at them. I’d think, and hemmed and hawed about the possibilities, the alternatives for ages. And then, I’d seek advice from the people around me on their opinions, which is not necessarily be a good thing. Even when I have made a decision, I am still shrouded in uncertainty, wondering… Continue reading Nano-lust and NATAS