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Buying maternity clothes

Alright, I’ll admit it. I caved. I am now wearing the very clothes that I had tried my darnest to avoid until I absolutely had to.

But seriously, at 22 weeks, I can’t put off the inevitable, especially when I am a full-time working mom-to-be who needs to be properly and formally dressed in school. If I were still in the agency, I could have gotten away with strappy maxi dresses and pre-pregnancy jeans with my trusty Bella band (purchased at a steal from AlleMom). Now that I am in a job that allows me to, uhhmm, MOULD YOUNG MINDS, I can hardly strop around in jeans and tank tops, can’t I?

Over the weekend, Mr Thick and I threw ourselves into the arduous task of shopping and let’s just say that my credit card had a good workout. SOBS. But I console myself with the fact that these basics will be with me until the nugget is born in March and beyond.

Spring Maternity
You can’t miss Spring Maternity. It’s everywhere. The Sista had passed me some basic spaghetti strap tops, a pair of jeans and pants from the brand, and they have been LIFESAVERS. But mostly for weekend wear though.

I’m not one for wearing ruffles, really, but I love the cheery green stripes of this top. Mr Thick commented that it made me look young, fresh and…OKAY LET’S PAY FOR IT NOW. The pants are super comfy! Immediately after I tried them on, I started devising ways in which I could incorporate them into my daily wardrobe AFTER my pregnancy. That’s how fab they are.

Le Bloomingchic
I feel a tad guilty about Le Bloomingchic, actually. When we were in there, the sales ladies were SO warm and friendly, they handed me a pile of things to try. When I emerged from the changing room, slightly dazed and confused, there was a MOUNTAIN of clothes on the floor and the hanging rod.

The shop is a bit of a hit and miss to me though. There were floral and frilly pieces that weren’t my style at all but boy, when they hit the mark, they REALLY hit the damn bullseye.

I got this pair of MUG+ jeans even though it felt a little pricey at $79. You have to understand that I am a cheap mom-to-be. I’d rather spend the money on preparing for my little man’s arrival than on clothes that I will wear for a few months, tops. But the jeans were oh so comfy and stretchy. The grey top is something that I will be able to wear post-delivery and its simplicity allows me to jazz it up however I want to.

The next two MUG+ tops are meant for nursing as well, which means that their shelf life extends beyond pregnancy. Score! They are very basic tops but that’s alright, I have plenty of ways to jazz up my wardrobe. I especially like the turquoise top with its cut-outs – adds something different to the look.

Marina Square #03-152
Tel: +65 6337 2537

Maternity Exchange
I had resisted stepping into Maternity Exchange because I had heard from mommy friends that their clothing tends to be on the expensive side. Remember: cheapie mommy here.

But Mr Thick’s discerning eye picked out a few items that he thought I would like from outside the store and he nudged me towards the shop.

It IS true, Maternity Exchange does have pieces that are pretty pricey. I particularly loved the Jules & Jim items but could not justify paying so much for them. I could rent them but they were so gorgeous that I could not imagine giving them back!

But Maternity Exchange does have some of the most gorgeous maternity outfits around, hands down. If I have an event or fancy dinner to attend, I would most definitely head over there to rent a pretty dress. Or two.

I ended up with two basic black dresses that would be able to last me till pregnancy and beyond.

This Ripe Maternity little black dress is actually a rental piece but other than looking a little washed, it’s almost as good as new. What I like about it is its flattering v-neck and swingy skirt. I could wear it post-pregnancy and even when nursing.

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this Seraphine black dress. When I put it on, I felt like a gorgeous goddess. The comfortable jersey clings to my every curve (which I don’t have, frankly, many of) and accentuates the belly. It flows with my every move and the best thing is, the ruched waist has room for a growing baby belly. Wear it with pearls and a pair of sexy red heels and woot! I’ll be the most sexy momma out there.

I am totally going to slip this on even when the bun is out of the oven.

#03-108 Marina Square
Tel: +65 61003924

For your patience in reading about my shopping exploits, here’s a bonus JUST FOR YOU. The best accessories a pregnant woman can have: the funniest husband in the world and a most unwilling cat!

Little Miss Shopaholic

Playing dress up #2

I’m…not reverberating with words these days so posts are a little light around here. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s because life is a little at a standstill now, what with the Very Important IVF being in October. Also, we are a little busy with the MINI revamp of east end.

But I am sure you are absolutely DYING for me to show my Fabulously Gorgeous self here so tahdah! Here I am, fulfilling your wish! Am v generous fairy godmother, I am.

Here’s the Smooch dress that I donned on that fateful day when I bared my knicker-clad bum to my doctor.

Paired the dress with the retro looking heels from Aldo, which I scored at a sale after ogling them for the longest time, and a heart-shaped Swarovski pendent that was given to me by my sister-in-law. Just like The Pleasure Monger, I have been trying to curb my spending by buying cheaper stuff but I’m not sure it’s really working out for me because I end up buying more pieces! I is terrible, v terrible.

Again, photo quality is awful because I took this in the loo of my office. I keep telling Mr Thick that I need a better full-length mirror in the house but NOOOO, he refuses to let me buy one. Selfish arse.

Little Miss Shopaholic

Outfit: Playing dre$$ up

Haven’t done one of these dressing up posts for a while now and boy, have I lost my touch! How did I manage to concoct those interesting and crazy outfits previously?

Ah, I know. It’s called YOUTH. Obviously am aging and becoming more matronly and staid. Dressing must reflect my mature status.

Anyway, thanks to The Pleasure Monger’s tag, I am up to my narcissistic old tricks again. Put that outfit together for work early this week and all I could think of was, meh. A bit boring, huh? But with the weather being as crazy hot and humid as it is now, all I want to wear are skirts and dresses. No jeans! They cling to my legs when I am walking to the MRT station in the morning and it drives me bonkers.

Maybe I’ll do one more post during the weekend since we have a friend’s wedding luncheon to attend!

Photo is quite dreadful because I took it in the office loo, sorry! Also, am v glad the phone covered my face. The Hair is rebelling against the humidity and threatening to strangle me to death. Gah.

Outfit stats
Top: Uniqlo tee
Skirt: Martina Pink tulle skirt (sale)
Necklace: Diva (sale)
Heeled oxfords: Hue (sale)

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Oxford love ♥

I’m not really intellectual enough to have a profound love for the college but I do have a tremendous amount of adoration for the shoe.

L-R: Schu, Pedder Red, Marks & Spencer, Tangs and Mitica (Hue)

Yes, oxfords. Traditionally worn by men and now re-fashioned into gorgeous pieces for the modern women too. I always love how menswear evolves into womenswear: shirts become shirt-dresses and oxfords grow heels. If there is one area where the balance of equality is tipped firmly in the female camp, it’s fashion.

I’m not sure why or how but somehow in the past two years, I seem to have grown a little collection of oxfords in my shoe cabinet. On my birthday two weeks ago, I bought myself another pair from Pedder Red – this time, it’s a two-toned pair of brogues. The moment I laid eyes on the silver/black shiny combination, I was like, WHEE! BUY!

The other pair of flat oxfords are the bright pink ones that I got from Schu during a sale. They are supremely loud and obnoxious, and I never fail to get comments from my co-workers when I wear them to the office. I call them my happy shoes! When I have a shit day and I am wearing them, the colour cheers me up. They are superbly comfortable too, perfect for the day after wearing crazy heels. Score!

And because I just cleaned out and rearranged my shoe cabinet:

Shoe closet

I can stare at my shoes the entire day. How cute do they look in the cabinet?

I’ve got two more pairs coming my way so I’m seriously thinking of investing in a shoe wheel. This cabinet is Not. Big. Enough. For. My. Shoes.

Maybe husband can get rid of his Crocs.

Little Miss Shopaholic

What I wore in Tokyo #3

Oh yes, that trip to Tokyo. It didn’t happen too long ago, perhaps in October last year? Bear me with me, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise you.

Top - Dorothy Perkins; Skirt - POA; Sneakers - Converse; Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

We were on our way to Asakusa Shrine, which was sort of fun but not great. After going to Kyoto and seeing those shrines, Asakusa feels like a touristy trap.

I’ve been very into stripes recently, I think it’s an aftereffect of watching Coco Avant Chanel. In one of the scenes, Audrey Tautou was wearing a white and black striped long sleeved tee with pants and boy, did she look classy.

Photo was taken by husband and I look like I needed sleep. But then again, I always look like that. Heh.

Little Miss Shopaholic

What I wore in Tokyo #2

I know…Tokyo was so last year. But I haven’t finished writing about my trip yet! I’m currently holed up at home due to the debilitating UTI so hopefully I can sit still enough to churn out everything.

(Yes, it has struck again and I now have brightly coloured pee…or is that TMI?)

Dress & Tights - Topshop; Boots - From Taiwan; Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

This was taken on our third day in Tokyo. We were on our way to the beautiful Meiji Shrine and boy, was the sun shining that day! I didn’t even need a jacket.

We were going to hit the trendy Harajuku/Omotesando area after that so I didn’t want to look dowdy next to the fashionably forward Japanese. You can’t really see from the photo but the dress has tiny prints of anchors and makes me feel like a sailor girl.

We didn’t buy much though – I was feeling the pinch and things were pretty pricey. But I did score a funky Balmain-esque dress with the big shoulder pads from H&M which I haven’t worn. I’ll probably be teased mercilessly by my friends when I wear it – I’ve been called “Christmas tree” a lot – but I don’t really care.

And as always, the photo was taken by husband.

Little Miss Shopaholic

One in garnet, please

One of the sites that I visit regularly is etsy. It’s like a treasure trove of all things beautiful, hand crafted and vintage. Things that I never knew existed or needed – like the helvetica acrylic jewellery – suddenly turned into things that I absolutely craved.

A great find that popped up today was One Garnet Girl. Her work caught my eye because they are so gorgeously hand made and elegantly simple. She hand carves the metal and best of all, she is environmentally conscious and uses recycled materials as much as possible. I love how “raw” the pieces are.

Red light ring, $128 (I so want one of these cos it's my birth stone!)
Red light ring, $128 (I so want one of these cos it's my birth stone!)

Blue Topaz and Argentium Sterling, $188
Blue Topaz and Argentium Sterling, $188 - Love the chunky feel to this ring

London Hue Stacking rings, $106 - Beautifully seamless
London Hue Stacking rings, $106 - Beautifully seamless

Little Miss Shopaholic

Everyone needs boots

I always hate it when fashion mags in Singapore tell us what they think are fashion dos and don’ts. Don’t wear boots because it’s too hot in Singapore and you look like a poser, don’t wear a fedora because it’s so yesterday, don’t wear leggings because you look short/fat/ugly in them. Who cares about what you think?

Magazines that I like to read include Nylon, Frankie, Lula and Lucky – and they never come up with silly lists like that. Instead, they just tell you how to work it better. A little positivity never hurts, right? It’s more constructive than reading something that’s condescending.

I got meself a pair of leather boots with flat heels when I was in Taipei earlier this year and that $150 was definitely well spent. These boots have kept my feet dry on rainy days and they kept my freezing toes from turning blue and dropping off when we were in Tokyo (of course I exaggerate! But it was cold at night!). I trampled all over Tokyo and Kyoto in them on an average of 10 to 12 hours a day and they did an amazing job in keeping my feet comfy and happy. Even my Converse caused them tootsies to ache a little.

So yeah, I love these boots of mine with those rockin’ buckles. Cos these boots are definitely made for walking. And they make me look good!

Skinny jeans + boots = Warm
Skinny jeans + boots = Warm

Little Miss Shopaholic

What I wore in Tokyo #1

Jacket - Uniqlo; Dress - Muji; Scarf - Loan from Trev, Leggings - Forever 21; Sneakers - Converse; Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Jacket - Uniqlo; Dress - Muji; Scarf - Loan from Trev, Leggings - Forever 21; Sneakers - Converse; Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

This was taken on our second day in Tokyo, after a horrendous 11-hour flight onboard Malaysia Airlines. When we bought the tickets, it was not stated that there was going to be a one-hour stopover at Kota Kinabalu (!) and we had no clue until we boarded the plane. But it was partly our fault – we didn’t even wonder why the flight would take so long when looking at the itinerary, despite being aware that flying from KL to Narita would not take longer than seven hours. Sigh.

Anyway, back to the outfit. The weather was nice and breezy, and the sun was out! So as we walked and walked around the Imperial Palace grounds, the layers came off.

First it was the jacket and then the scarf came off shortly. Gah. Talking about the weather in Japan just made me miss the place more. The torrential rain in Singapore may be a welcome change from the sticky, sultry humidity of everyday but it’s drowning my plants and my shoes! Can I have some sun and less humidity please?

Thanks for the photos, Mr Thick!