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yAnn loves…One Pint Please!

One of my favouritest persons in the world is this tiny munchkin named Beks. She’s insanely clever, creative and sometimes just plain insane.

When she first told me about the blog shop she was starting with some friends, I was skeptical. There are many such shops around, with many peddling the same old wares with bad workmanship and poor taste. But I should have known better – afterall, this is the person who writes and shoots such out of the world stuff.

One Pint Please is pretty cool and I am not saying it because she is my friend. For a team who is not doing this full-time, they have been churning out some nice stuff that I would definitely buy! In fact, I think I did.

Anyway, when Beks asked me to write about the shop, I said yes. She then handed me a pretty pink satin blouse with a ruffled neckline which is, admittedly, not really something I would buy for myself. But hey, I can always make something me, right?

One Pint Please

Top row: Drop crotch pants – Zara, Heels – Charles & Keith, Cloche hat – from Shanghai. Middle row: Skirt – POA, Heels – Aldo, Belt – from Bangkok, Hairband – Forever 21. Bottom row: Skirt – Tian, Boots – from Taiwan, Hat – River Island.

Gosh, was the humidity a killer today, I was literally melting. Coco was staring at me from inside the house and the look she gave me clearly said What the heck are you doing, woman? Maybe it’s because of the oversized pants I was wearing in the top picture – it makes me look preggers and I AM NOT PREGGERS.

But I digress. Do check out One Pint Please – I’m sure there will be something you like!

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Miss Marc & Me

One of my favouritest designers in the world has to be Marc Jacobs. Seriously, who else can pull off a Spongebob Squarepants tatt other than the smouldering, sexy Marc Jacobs?

Sex appeal aside (so sad that he is gay!), while I can’t say that I greatly admire his work for the house of Louis Vuitton (am really not a fan of LV, to be honest), I simply adore his own Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs line, particularly his Miss Marc accessories. Somehow, Miss Marc reminds me of me: a little quirky, not too pretty and a bit of a neurotic. Plus it’s unexpected, fun and really great at jazzing up an outfit.

So guess who has been my constant companion?

Miss Marc takes the train
Miss Marc takes the train

Well looky here, it’s Miss Marc herself! I snagged me a Miss Marc tote bag and I am loving it. The size is fantastic for all the nonsense that I carry and looking at the picture makes me happy.

Can you tell that I am a little obsessed?

Miss Marc on the bus
Miss Marc on the bus

Shiny happy people
Shiny happy people

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All I need is an apron

Wore my funky new dress from the Hansel pop up store. Except I had on bright purple tights and my pretty sparkly ballerina flats from Topshop.

I love how big the skirt is and the workmanship is fabulous. It’s definitely worth every cent I paid!

Do go check out the store; it’s closing on Sunday. It’s amazing how everything is put together using cardboard – sheer genius! Even if you are not in the mood to spend, you have to pop by to marvel at the artistry of it.

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Club 21 spoils

This is long overdue but one fine afternoon, I took off from work to meet the cousins for lunch and a spot of shopping. Our destination? The famous Club21 Bazaar at Pit Stop Building.

Because it was a Friday afternoon, the crowd wasn’t as unbearable as we had expected. The room was divided into two parts: the more affordable lines like CK, A/X, DKNY and Diesel in one and the higher end labels like Marc Jacobs, Maison Martin Margiela (swoons) and Comme des Garcons (swoons!).

I saw several weird and wonderful CdG pieces but at sizes 40 to 44, they were too big. There were lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs overcoats too but I didn’t think it was practical to buy them, as much as I loved them.

In the end, I went home with A/X wares and two shirts for Mr Thick. I also managed to get my hands on something I had desired for the longest time. Here’s a clue:

This is what happiness is:

Wellies! I had spied these lying in the bin at the children’s section and fished out the biggest pair. To my joy, they fit perfectly, were really cheap at $30 and I promptly chucked them into my shopping bag. The cousins were baffled but as they were used to me wearing weird stuff, they soon forgot about it.

Another of my spoils is this feminine v-neck blouse from A/X. I liked its gentle ruffles at the neckline and the pretty mix of gold and beige.

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Kids these days

When I was 12, I was busy skipping recess so that I could play “zero-point” with my classmates. In class, I would be reading a book hidden below my desk during Mathematics lessons because I just couldn’t care less about multiplication. When I got home, my darling mama would rub off that smudge of dirt on my cheek in exasperation.

At 15, I was in the “act cool” phase. I refused to carry a backpack because I thought it was a very nerdy thing to do. After school, I would go to MacDonald’s at Far East Plaza (that’s how old I am) to grab a strawberry sundae with my friends. I would make notes in my Literature texts in different colours: green representing envy, blue is MacBeth, pink is Lady MacBeth, black for the witches etc.

When I was 12, I was not into fashion. I didn’t know who Coco Chanel was and was wearing my sister’s hand-me-downs most of the time. At 15, I practically lived in jeans and was reliant on my sister’s assessment of what was cool and what wasn’t.

So when I got to Tavi’s blog, I was amazed: she’s a teeny tiny 12-year-old who writes like a seasoned pro and has the most marvellous dress sense! She’s so cool that the sisters behind the super fab Rodarte spent a day with her when she was in their neck of the woods recently, and gifted her with coveted items from their collection.

Gosh! When I was 12, I was writing inane things like “Roses are red/Violets are blue/Sugar is sweet/And so are you” in autograph books. Tavi, on the other hand, is waxing lyrical about fashion design and artistry.

Another genius is 15-year-old Kristin, the editor of the online Prim magazine.

Yes, you read me right. Editor.

The mag is brilliant! I love the styling, the photography and the general vibe of it. In fact, I think it’s so much more edgy and fashion forward than some of our local reads, which tend to pepper their fashion spreads with big labels. Kristin probably has a team of super stylish and artistic fashionistas working with her but as editor, I am pretty sure that every story idea and every storyboard goes through her before it gets published.

I am seriously impressed. They are so savvy and smart and sassy.

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor.

Prim cover

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Happy weekend!

It’s ridiculously hot today (as it has been for the past month) but I am hoping that I can still make it to the National Museum to catch the Christian Lacroix the costumer exhibition.

Because of the things that have been happening in my life, I have neglected many things that I once loved. I stopped singing, stopped reading, stopped shooting and stopped writing – things that used to be precious to me and defined me for who I am. And after getting married, all I want to do on my weekends is to chill out at home and watch telly, or get the chores done and keep the house clean. I am emotionally fulfilled but spiritually, I feel like an empty barrel rolling aimlessly about in the desert.

My next project was born out of this need to be creative, to try and infuse some “me” into the things around me again. One day, over lunch with Beks, we decided to challenge ourselves to shoot 20 photos that define us and our lives. Surprisingly, it was tough to take 20 good photos of my life. I couldn’t draw inspiration from my daily walks to the bus stops and the office, and I couldn’t see the beauty in the busy cosmopolitan life around me. I decided to scale it down to 10 photos a month and then bring it back up to 20 in due time.

I’m still one short of the 10 for the month of May but I will leave you with one of my favourites for the weekend. For the rest of the May photos, hop on over to my flickr set. It is by no means perfect or beautiful but at least I am trying and hopefully, I will get better with time. 🙂


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I’m famous! In Lianhe Zaobao!

At 9am on Friday morning, I received a text message from my mum, which said: “Saw you in papers. You look very prt.” (Isn’t she cool? She can text in SMS lingo!)

The reason for her excitement?


That is the front page of zbnow, the lifestyle section of Lianhe Zaobao (think the Chinese version of ST Life!). Unfortunately, I did not make it to front page because I am extraordinarily gorgeous, or because I scaled Mount Everest.

It’s because I wear kids’ clothing.

YZ, a friend of MY (I know, my friends are all known by their abbreviations) is a reporter at zbnow and was looking for someone to interview for the story. I said yes, and she mentioned doing a photoshoot. Three weeks later, my mother-in-law rang while we were having breakfast on Friday morning to say that hey, I was on the front page and then Popartgirl texted me to tell me how her mother had dashed excitedly into her room to ask if that was me.

After receiving that funny text from my mum, I called her and she asked, “So, how much did they pay you?” She had thought that I was a paid model! When I told her I wasn’t paid at all, she groaned and said that the newspaper had gotten too good a deal because I looked so pretty. I love my mum.

Most of the clothes featured were mine and I even slyly added in my Manchester United boys jersey, heh heh.

I am probably breaking copyright laws by putting these up (Ass Pee Hedge was, afterall, my former employer and I know all about their ways) but heck. Here’s the second page of the story and the story is here if you want to read it. I’m simply amazed they can find the last character of my name in the system – it’s an ancient word that does not exist anymore.


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Bye Baylene, Swirl

When I was a poor writer, I used to lust after fashion pieces that were beyond my salary and then trudge into This Fashion to rummage for good bargains that my wallet could afford. While I am no longer an impoverished writer, I am still reluctant to spend upwards of $100 on a top. It just feels wasteful to spend so much money on clothes, despite the beauty and exquisite workmanship.

One of the places that I love to stick my nose in but, invariably, not buy anything, is Stamford House. The building, with classical Victorian architectural elements and lovely high ceiling that lets in streams of natural light, houses interesting boutiques like Baylene, Nicholas, Swirl, and bridal boutiques like Silhouette and Kevin Seah (who has since moved to Red Dot building).

Silhouette was my top choice when I was picking out wedding gowns but I just couldn’t bear to splurge $4,000 on wedding outfits that we were merely renting. Kevin Seah, I avoided because I knew right away that it was a shop I would step into, brim with desire and then kill myself over because of the sky high prices.

Baylene and Nicholas have very similar finishing and style. In fact, their pieces often remind me of a quirkier and edgier Calvin Klein – sleek and deceptively simple. The lines are classic and yet there is always an unexpected twist that resembles nothing you would see on other locally designed clothes. A ruffled collar here, a dart there…little touches that make the piece unique.

Sadly though, Baylene will be closing down. According to the sweet shopgirl that I was chatting with, the designer had decided to wind up the business and take a break indefinitely. Hearing that, I couldn’t help but feel a pang of anxiety. I have to buy more of her stuff – there will be none in future! Unfortunately, many of the interesting pieces like the pants were hanging loosely on my frame but I did score a gorgeous black jersey dress that I will probably wear to death.

If you are a Baylene fan, hurry down to the outlet because the current season is going for a song (50 percent off, to be exact) while the past season’s offerings are even more affordable (dresses at $60 and bottoms at $48).

Another favourite of mine – I got my “evening dress” for the wedding here! – Swirl is also closing down. Happily for me, the online store will still be in operation and their items are also available at other shops. They have a rack of items that are going at 70 percent off so if you are a fan of their feminine and whimsical dresses, you should definitely check out the shop.

(PS: Belatedly, I realise that I am featured on FashBash’s website.)