Two of Us

Married life #28

I just had to record this down for posterity’s sake.

One morning while we were at brunch, husband and I were chatting about the education system in Singapore.

Me:…blah blah blah…So Dr Tim Elmore says…blah blah…Oh and I love Dr Ken Robinson blah blah…

Him: You are just name dropping and showing off.

Me: I absolutely am. I’m good. I’m an educationer.

(Pregnant pause)

Me: Oh fuck. Did I just say that?

Two of Us


The husband mistook my frantic SOS waves to the baby monitor for a, oh I don’t know, friendly gesture.

The only friendly gesture that I want to show him is one involving a certain finger.

End of story, because I was lying in the dark for an hour with our clingy, koala of a child, shivering in my outfit of nursing tank and shorts. I would have totally gone to sleep with said child – whose arms were tightly wound around my neck and whose entire body was on top of mine – except for the fact that I hadn’t showered and was feeling pretty funky. Also, I needed to empty my bladder. Like now.

Okay, end of end of story. For real this time.

Good thing the child is cute.
Two of Us

Married life #27

Me: Check out this photo that I had posted on Instagram. And the caption.

Him: (looks) Oh. Aiyah, you should have cropped it a bit higher.

Me: I KNOW RIGHT. I only realised it after I posted it.

Him: Yah. My tummy is still quite obvious.

Me: Too late.

Him: Can you delete the post, crop off the bottom a bit more, and then repost it on Instagram?


What tummy

Your wish is my command as am v v amicable and loving wife, in addition to being Fabulously Gorgeous.

The organised chaos, Two of Us

Enjoying the good, good life

Last weekend, I attended my cousin’s wedding and for their photo montage, the couple used this song, OneRepublic’s “Good Life”.

It’s been stuck on my mind since then and as I put it on repeat mode (habit of mine, I can repeat a song a gazillion times, heh), I can’t help but reflect on the lyrics.

Because I’m really leading the good life now at 32.
(Yes, I realise I am revealing my age to the Internetz. And no, I don’t care, I’m proud of how old I am.)

Back in my teens, I was chasing popularity. I wanted desperately to be one of the popular girls but I failed miserably, what with my bad haircuts, thick glasses and bad skin. I wanted to be liked by everyone and I probably tried too hard.

In my 20s, I was seeking myself. Call it an existential angst if you want, but I was trying to find my place in life and the world. I didn’t know what I was good for and looked really hard to find a job that made me sing. I yearned to be one of those chic women with the latest IT bag and perfectly coiffed hair, high heels clicking in harmony.

And now that I am in my 30s, I am astonishingly comfortable in my own skin. I am no longer young and beautiful, true. But I am confident of who I am, of what I am. I love husband and we are still crazy in love. My little man has taught me patience, humility and gratitude and not a day goes by without him bringing us laughter and love.

This has gotta be the good life.

I don’t have that coveted Chanel bag. I’m not travelling half as much as I dreamed of. We often wonder why our bank accounts are not growing. Our flat is done up simply. I get a thrill from going grocery shopping.

But we make our lives. We decide that this is our life, this is how we intend to live, and we should make every day a good one.

Some days are harder than others, some nights drag on for longer than they should. But we are happy. And contented. Because there is so much to feel good about.

Speaking of weddings, the best parts are usually the montages and the speeches by the bride and groom. Montages are so run of the mill, it’s true, but it always warms my heart to see pictures of the couple as they were growing up, as well as those of them creating memories together. And the speeches, they tell you a lot about who they are, and what they went through in their relationship.

Every relationship is unique and each one has its own story. Ours is written here, for our son to read when he is older. And I love listening to these stories, I love hearing about how two people meet, fall in love and make it work.

I don’t really remember the details of the speech that my beloved gave on our wedding day. He sang to me and for me, and then said something about thanking me, about it being fated. I think. But the intense joy, the feeling that it was the most amazing day of our loves – that has stayed with me for the past four years. And as we approach our fifth year together, I’m glad that he’s by my side as my partner and the father of my baby.

This could really be the good life, the good, good life.

To my cousin and his wife, have a blessed marriage ahead that’s full of love and laughter. And thanks for reminding me that life is beautiful.

Jimmy & Yann – our lives, our faces, our love from Jimmy Liew on Vimeo.

Two of Us

The life of us now

The night is quiet.

The little man has been put to bed and should, we hope, stay asleep for a while. Other than the low hum of the air-conditioner and the aroma diffuser, the household has settled into a peaceful, gentle lull.

We sit on the bed, legs stretched out, each preoccupied. Him on his iPad, surfing for cycling accessories and me on my laptop, blogging. We say nothing. A tray of drinks – sometimes polka-dotted champagne flutes containing our favourite moscato, sometimes glasses of juice – and snacks sit between us. A bunch of grapes, perhaps, and some chips. Or a sliver of chocolate. Or little bowls of homemade yogurt topped with honey, flax seeds and chia seeds. Every once in a while, we’d reach out and grab a bite, or sip our drinks.

This is a companionable silence.

He looks over at me, at what I am doing, and laughs. He says we are both geeks. I tell him that I only became one after I met him. And it’s funny how we rubbed off on each other. I know about cars and rugby now. He enjoys shopping.

How utterly boring we are. 🙂

Geek Girl, Health Goddess

I’m a Fitbit Flex-er

One of my bad (or good, depends on how you see it) points is that I can be really, really competitive. Not just with others, but with myself. I know, it sounds strange but it’s really a case of me applying my legendary stubbornness to something and making 100% sure that I succeed. Even if nobody cares, because I care.

(That’s how I could go through seven IUIs and still bulldoze my way forward. Crazy.)

Anyway, Mr Thick snapped up two Fitbit Flex for us recently and almost immediately, I have found myself doing my best to match up to the goals that I had set. For instance, my target is to hit 8,000 steps a day. But but but…it is term break now and I am hardly on my feet these days.

This was why husband found his wife pacing round and round the living room last night, muttering to herself. He was all, what are you doing? and I was like, I need to hit 8,000 steps.

So the school has what we call FIT Day on Wednesdays, where we can take off at 5pm to exercise either on campus or around the nearby reservoir. I took a leisurely walk this evening at 5pm – the weather was nice and cool – and lo and behold! 8,000 steps! And more!


Let’s see how long this obsession of mine lasts.

Oh, we have been extremely geeky these days. My tech-loving husband recently presented me with the Pebble watch. One of my favourite watchfacees is the hobbit one and I have to say, I really like living on hobbit time. After breakfast is second breakfast, and then there’s lunch, and right after lunch is a nap. BEST THING EVAR.

And yes, as Mr Thick said, my wrist is all Bluetooth-ed out. It IS very nice to have married a geek. Who cares about diamonds when I can have a Pebble?

Two of Us

13, going on 14

Dear husband,

And just like that, we have spent 13 years of our lives together.

As Shakespeare said, the course of true love never did run smooth. If so, then man, our love has to be the truest of the true. Because somehow, the Universe always throws us a hurdle or curveball or two, and is all TAH-DAH, YOU SUCKERS.

Despite all the challenges that we had faced throughout our years together, I have never regretted putting my hand into yours that night on the Benjamin Sheares Bridge as we crossed into the new millennium, light flares and fireworks illuminating the dark sky. Not once, not even when we were faced with joblessness, lack of money, lack of direction.

And yet, as we entered parenthood, I found myself flirting with the idea of how my life would have been had I turned into another direction during our cobbled walk down the path of life.

In all honesty, being the mother of your child is one of the most pressurising hats that I have ever put on. There were moments when I absolutely hated it. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and I love my child. But it’s not easy being the womb that birthed the only grandchild in the family. It wasn’t something I had signed up for when I married you, I certainly did not envision marrying the rest of your family as well when I said “I do”.

It doesn’t help that our marriage has also taken a backseat to parenthood. We are always tired, constantly changing diapers, making sure that the little man is happy and clean and fed and entertained. But we forget that we need to make time for each other too. As much as he is growing and blossoming, so should our marriage. We need to drag out even the smallest bit of effort in order to make this work.

13 is the luckiest number? Perhaps so, in our case. We were blessed with the child that we have always longed for and he is everything that we had imagined and more.

But what’s better than 13? Why, 14, of course!

Love you always.

Two of Us

Married life #26

On the way home from a late dinner date…

Me: (reminiscing about my past) My time in JC were the best years of my school life. It was fun. Except I wasted time pining for stupid boyfriends.

Him: Oh well, you learn from your mistakes.

Me: Yeah. What an idiot I was. He clearly did not deserve the fabulousity that is me. (pauses) Hahaha. You are not going to like what came to my mind next.

Him: Oh, what is it.

Me: Hah. I was going to say, “I was clearly meant for bigger things.” HAHAHAHA.

Him: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Me: I’m so clever with these puns! First, the whole “thick and thin” thing. And now this. I am meant for bigger things. YOU!

Him: Whatever. Go and blog about it with that photo.

Me: Okay.

Two of Us

Married life #25

One night before bedtime…

…It’s not R-rated, I promise you. Anyway, back to the story…

Me: Urghs. Every night, as I am lying in bed, I can feel my back and right ITB ache. And I tell myself, I must massage it tomorrow night. And then I forget all about it, until I am lying in bed and I feel the leg ache. It’s a vicious cycle.

Him: Set a reminder for it.

Me: Yeah. (Absolutely had no intention of setting a reminder.)

Him: (speaking into his iPad) Siri, set reminder for tomorrow at 10pm. Get wife to massage thigh tomorrow.

Me: (laughing uncontrollably like a hyena at the silliness of it) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This was what resulted:

Two of Us

4 years and counting…

Four years ago, we said “I do”.
In the years since, we have gone through ups and downs, and highs and lows.
The journey hasn’t been easy.
There were times when I didn’t know if we would make it.

But we did.
As we always do.
As we will continue to.

Happy anniversary, husband!
Love you.