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Blind shopping

I’ve never gone on a blind date before but from what I have heard, it’s a hit-or-miss affair that could kill off some of your brain cells.

“Throughout the dinner, I could practically hear the crickets chirping,” said J, rolling his eyes dramatically. No prizes for guessing that it was a miss then.

But blind shopping – that I have certainly done. What is it, you ask. It’s when someone buys something on your behalf, but you have never seen the item or felt it in your hands or even know what options there are. Typically for me, it occurs during situations when the discounts are ridiculously huge but I cannot be there at the scene. It’s frustrating to miss out on bargains like these. Unless, of course, you buy by proxy. Voila, blind shopping.

The first time it happened was when Mr Thick had a handful of Topshop vouchers that expired on the same day he received them. I was on night shift at Loiters then and gutted to know that I couldn’t buy anything. He very sweetly rang me up at work and said that the undies I had wanted were gone, would I like a top instead? Hell, yeah! Said blouse was present at the proposal so it must have been a good buy.

Today, I am the proud owner of three brand new pairs of heels without even setting my sights on them. Thanks to Trevor and the fantastic Charles & Keith plus Pedro warehouse sale, I now have two new pairs of ballet pumps and a pair of ankle boots, all for the princely sum of $46! All this could not have been done without his diligence in searching for items in my size, and the magnificent mobile phone; numerous calls were exchanged in the pursuit of bargain buys.

Introducing, my new boots:

Charles & Keith Boots
Charles & Keith Boots

If you are hankering for new, cheap feet for everyday wear and tear like I am, the warehouse sale is on tlll Sunday.

Venue: 21, Tai Seng Street, Charles & Keith Building
Date: November 28 to 30
Time: 10am – 8pm
Contact: 6488 2688