Little Miss Shopaholic

Next week: Uniqlo!

My favouritest Japanese fashion line will finally be arriving in my neck of the woods next week and I cannot wait!


More skinny jeans that fit comfortably and do not cut off the blood circulation in my legs.


More graphic tee-shirts that fit my tiny frame.


More kids clothing that I actually like and which fits.

Me love Uniqlo! I am going to rush home after work to check it out on April 9 when it first opens at Tampines 1.

Little Miss Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Becky Bloomwood. Me. Becky Bloomwood. Me.

See, there is no difference between the two of us at all.

I just caught the movie with the Cuz, the person who got me started on this whole Shopaholic craze five years ago. I really enjoyed it – I thought Isla Fisher as Miss Bloomwood was brilliant and hilarious. Hugh Dancy wasn’t exactly what I imagined Luke Brandon to be (my mind was swinging more towards Luke Wilson or Matthew Macfadyen) but I thought he wasn’t too bad. I love, LOVE that crisp British accent. There is something seriously sexy about the way Englishmen speak. Anyhow, both of us preferred the books to the movie but it was fun fluff nonetheless.

The funny thing was, we both entered the theatre with large shopping bags – me with a pair of heels and a hairdryer (free! thanks to vouchers) and her with a pair of heels and a bag. We had both decided to pop into Pedder Red separately and emerged with shoes.

Which is why I say I completely identify with Becky. Shopping makes me happy, it makes me feel that the nonsense that I had to put up with for the day is worth it because I get to buy the most amazing pair of shoes. My mind is working furiously to pair this wondrous design with the clothes in my wardrobe and I am thinking of how it would make me feel: breezy, quirky and girly. Becky is the girl with the green scarf, I am now that girl with retro shoes.

The little girl whose mother dressed her in sturdy brown shoes was me. And the little girl who, despite the good-hearted practicalities of her mother, grew up to love all things fashion is definitely me. I’m not going to be buried under a whole bunch of credit card bills, of course, and I am as happy throwing groceries into my shopping trolley as I am twirling in front of the mirror in a new dress.

But at the end of the day, buying something that I like and which fits me makes my heart pound with joy. Like this pair of Pedder Red platform heels, for instance:


Just like Becky, the shoes were speaking to me. Look at us, aren’t we gorgeous? they whispered. And we fit you to a tee. We’ll make you look taller without inflicting unnecessary pain and your legs will look like Alicia Bitch Long Legs’. Perfect, no?

And so the card came out and the shoes went into a bag. The exchange was quick and painless and it ended with a cheery, “Thank you!”

Pedder Red sale. Run. Now.

Little Miss Shopaholic

In with the new!

After spending my pennies in Bangkok and buying the Matriarch a luxe leather Coach wallet for Christmas/New Year/birthday/whatever festival in 2009, I am now more careful with my moolah. We are facing a recession afterall and I hereby resolve to cut down on my spending, note down my expenditure everyday and save more so that I can properly furnish east end.

But. I have been eyeing these Charles & Keith heels for a while now and they are currently going at a 30 percent discount. They had my size, I was in the mood and the rest, as they say, is history.


The socks, on the other hand, are something that I have been searching for the longest time. I have looked high and low for them, only to find them lying at the bottom of the sale bin at, of all places, Mango. Unfortunately, the ones I saw had nasty runs all over and it took three Mango outlets before I found the perfect ones in the Ngee Ann City outlet for $5 a pair (got them in black as well).

Now, I’ve never really been trendy or particularly creative and I was thinking of ways to wear these socks without looking like a Lolita wannabe (not that anyone would think that I am young, not with those wrinkles). The blue necklace was a stroke of genius at the last minute: I thought the outfit needed a pop of colour and tah dah!


And then I got bored and decided to play with textures (just ignore the midsection, I’ve got eff-ing water retention!). I like how the opaque and sheer play up against each other. And I just love the satin bow tie I got from Shanghai’s textile market. Best $2 (?!) I have spent!


Then I saw the cute plaid Uniqlo shirt that Popartgirl bought me hanging in my wardrobe, looking sadly unworn. It’s a kid’s shirt (and not even the largest size at that) and when I first saw it, I laughed and said I’d have to give it to my seven-year-old nephew. And then I tried it and had to eat my words. Bah. It fitted perfectly, except that I couldn’t button the cuff. The jeans are from my cousin’s boutique (I end up buying all the stuff she cannot sell because nobody else can fit into them) while the boots were a bargain from Charles & Keith’s recent warehouse sale (thanks, Trev!).


And to end off, I would like to thank Mr Thick for gifting me with the Casio Baby-G (we are matchy-matchy now!) and a bouquet of white lilies and roses. I used to lament that he doesn’t have a single romantic bone in his body, I was so wrong! For the past year, he has been springing surprise after surprise on me while I am the one who has gone dull. Looks like VS is not too bad a school for boys to learn chivalry afterall.


Little Miss Shopaholic

Blind shopping

I’ve never gone on a blind date before but from what I have heard, it’s a hit-or-miss affair that could kill off some of your brain cells.

“Throughout the dinner, I could practically hear the crickets chirping,” said J, rolling his eyes dramatically. No prizes for guessing that it was a miss then.

But blind shopping – that I have certainly done. What is it, you ask. It’s when someone buys something on your behalf, but you have never seen the item or felt it in your hands or even know what options there are. Typically for me, it occurs during situations when the discounts are ridiculously huge but I cannot be there at the scene. It’s frustrating to miss out on bargains like these. Unless, of course, you buy by proxy. Voila, blind shopping.

The first time it happened was when Mr Thick had a handful of Topshop vouchers that expired on the same day he received them. I was on night shift at Loiters then and gutted to know that I couldn’t buy anything. He very sweetly rang me up at work and said that the undies I had wanted were gone, would I like a top instead? Hell, yeah! Said blouse was present at the proposal so it must have been a good buy.

Today, I am the proud owner of three brand new pairs of heels without even setting my sights on them. Thanks to Trevor and the fantastic Charles & Keith plus Pedro warehouse sale, I now have two new pairs of ballet pumps and a pair of ankle boots, all for the princely sum of $46! All this could not have been done without his diligence in searching for items in my size, and the magnificent mobile phone; numerous calls were exchanged in the pursuit of bargain buys.

Introducing, my new boots:

Charles & Keith Boots
Charles & Keith Boots

If you are hankering for new, cheap feet for everyday wear and tear like I am, the warehouse sale is on tlll Sunday.

Venue: 21, Tai Seng Street, Charles & Keith Building
Date: November 28 to 30
Time: 10am – 8pm
Contact: 6488 2688