About me

Writer. Educator. Mother. Wife. Cat-slave.

2003. That was when it all started.

I began blogging that year. It started out as a hobby for me to pen my thoughts, nothing else. Today, it has grown to be a repository of my words read by others.

My career has spanned the gamut: from lifestyle magazines such as Shape to trade publications in the tech and media industries, to working on photos and keywords in Reuters, to corporate communications.

At my current season of life, I am now teaching in an institution of higher learning, specialising in journalism, photography and business communications.

From lamenting about the woes of infertility way back in 2011, I have come a long way. Today, I am a mother of two highly rambunctious, energetic and loving little men, as well as two furry felines who seem to have grown accustomed and resigned to the noisy tiny humans in the household. I am also wife to a Lego/Apple/football-loving man-child, whom I have fondly called Mr Thick due to his burgeoning girth.

All creatures cohabit nicely together. Most of the time.

Occasionally, I write on this blog and social media for other organisations. Talk to me, if you are keen.

3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi Yann,

    Was intro to your blog by my friend, your blog is funny and witty. First of all Congratulations, read that you are pregnant. I myself went thru IVF and I can understand what you went thru, although i must you are one brave and positive person. Thank you for not giving up.

    I was very blessed, I conceived a pair of twins on my first attempt and I am forever grateful for God’s Grace.

    Would love to get to know you more if there is a chance. Take care.

    My babies are Named Sincere and Righteous..:P


  2. Hi Yann!

    I was also paranoid during the entire pregnancy and I understand what you’re going through right now.

    I chanced upon your blog while browsing Motherinc’s blogroll. I’ve read a couple of your entries and couldn’t help but click the subscribe button. My hubby and I had trouble conceiving as well, but fortunately, we were finally able to with the help of Clomiphene. We now have an 8-month old bouncing baby boy!

    All the best to your pregnancy!


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