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About me

My name is Yann and I am a Singaporean living on this humid, tiny little island. I’ve been blogging since 2003. There’s this innate need for me to write all the time. Words are flying across my brains every second of the day, even before I go to bed.

On this site, you will read all about, well, me.

Fabulously Gorgeous, always. Though my hair drives me nuts. It has a life of its own.

I swear too much for a girl. I love beer. I’ve never been a girly girl all my life, actually. I used to climb trees. I laugh too loudly. No wonder I ended up singing alto in choir.

I never wanted to be the poster girl for infertility. Are you bloody kidding me? I thought I would be spawning simply by having S-E-X. Obviously my reproductive bits are not in the least bit cooperative. I don’t know how this part of my life will pan out so watch this space.

Edit: WE CAHN HAZ FREE BABY! My little nugget was born in March 2012. His name is Aidan and no, he wasn’t named after that dude on Sex and the City (as gorgeous as John Corbett is).

Edit (again): WE CAHN HAZ FREE BABY AGAIN! We are currently proud and exhausted parents to Zac, born two years after Aidan.

I’m now a lecturer, teaching Communications to budding young minds.

Oh, there’s also my husband. Affectionately known as Mr Thick, he does have a real name, don’t you worry. We’ve been together since I was 19 and since he is all of seven years older than I am, that makes him a bit of a cradle snatcher, methinks. He’s not hot on reciting poetry, falls asleep when watching chick flicks and can be quite the arsehole. But we somehow fit together like two odd-sized pieces in a jigsaw puzzle so I don’t think I will be returning him to the manufacturers anytime soon.

We have two cats, Coco and Emi. They amuse us but also piss us off. And yet we spoil them so, those furry little ingrates. We love them like we do our human babies.

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