Two of Us

Married life #26

On the way home from a late dinner date…

Me: (reminiscing about my past) My time in JC were the best years of my school life. It was fun. Except I wasted time pining for stupid boyfriends.

Him: Oh well, you learn from your mistakes.

Me: Yeah. What an idiot I was. He clearly did not deserve the fabulousity that is me. (pauses) Hahaha. You are not going to like what came to my mind next.

Him: Oh, what is it.

Me: Hah. I was going to say, “I was clearly meant for bigger things.” HAHAHAHA.

Him: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Me: I’m so clever with these puns! First, the whole “thick and thin” thing. And now this. I am meant for bigger things. YOU!

Him: Whatever. Go and blog about it with that photo.

Me: Okay.

1 thought on “Married life #26”

  1. Hahaha I also say the same thing – JC days best fun years of my life. but “wasted time” on blahblahblah.

    But, if that didn’t happen, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Right.


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