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Just a gratifying post

Yes, Tokyo Banana is good!
Yes, Tokyo Banana is good!

It’s been a busy week.

Emi Kat has settled into the household nicely. Coco is not too pleased still but it hasn’t stopped her from using Emi’s litter box so we are guessing that they will eventually be good friends. In the meantime, we will have to put up with the occasional hissing and the mad chases down the corridor.

I’m desperately needing sleep so I will leave this space with this funny photo of Coco posing with the box of Tokyo Banana that we brought home from, well, Tokyo.

A banana filling covered with a delicious chocolate cake, this snack didn’t last long in east end! As I snapped the photo, Coco decided to join in the fun too and sat right next to the box. She’s quite the poser, that kitten. But that was pre-Emi days, back when she would “talk” to us and sit down with us as we ate dinner.

My house is full of cat hair, the spare room smells of cat food and the cats are really quite mad. But I wouldn’t trade the joys of having these two idiotic kittens for a cleaner house.

4 thoughts on “Just a gratifying post”

  1. @ Melly No way are we getting three! Two is nice. They can be friends. 🙂

    @ popartgirl It depends on her mood, sometimes she is grumpy and will walk away.


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