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Ever since Mr Thick bought the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone, we have been having loads of fun taking pictures.

This clever little app mimics the unpredictability and effects of those cheap toy cameras that I love so much – light leaks, desaturation, graininess etc. And the developers are clever enough to come up with different film, lens and flash packages for suckers like us to buy so that we can come up with different effects depending on our permutations.

And guess what, it worked! Because Mr Thick bought every single “supply” up for sale at the Hipstamart. Ka-chink! And I wondered why the credits of his iTunes account dropped so drastically. But it’s okay since I get to enjoy the frivolity of Hipstamatic too.

My photographer friend Al The Awesome (yes, he really calls himself that and yes, I do have friends like that) says, YOUR PICTURE IS STILL SHIT EVEN WITH THE HIPSTAMATIC EFFECT. Obviously, he wasn’t referring to me. At least, I don’t think so. But I politely disagree, I think all pictures look super cool with Hipstamatic.

I mean, look at mine, I think they are fabulous! But I may just be biased and a little narcissistic. They may look like crap after all. Oh well.

Macha latte at MOF - looks good, tasted bad
Sunset over the Pinnacle@Duxton
Mango gelato at Frigidarium - Gelateria Italiana (#01-40 Market Street Car Park)

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