Health Goddess

High on wheels

Bike Marina Barrage

One day, husband said to me, “Let’s buy bicycles.”
I replied, “Okay.”

Not sure what possessed me to say yes, really, since the last time I rode a bike was when I was a wee kiddo and it was not a pleasant experience – I had flown across a drain and ploughed into a tree.

Yes, apparently I had not mastered the use of the brakes then.

During our hunt for bikes, I tried riding the bike that I would eventually buy. And the owner of the shop was extremely, shall we say, concerned about the way I was wobbling about the carpark. I still hadn’t figure out how to brake and turning was a bit of a problem. I had to stop, turn the handlebars and then slowly inch my way around by pushing off with my toes. Not entirely promising.

Our first ride was a bit rocky. We decided to hit to the roads one night and head to the bistro at the nearby reservoir. Along the way was a multitude of construction and we had to dismount a gazilion times.

Thank goodness for alcohol then. After a pint and some greasy sausages, I felt sufficiently brave enough to tackle the roads.

Since then, I have been pretty hooked on riding! I love the feeling of the wind in my hair, the buzz in my ears as we speed downhill, the burn in my quads as we climb up slope. Riding is very addictive and I had never expected myself to enjoy it as much as I do now.

We’ve chalked up quite a few rides as a family and the little man has his own seat and helmet. And on some nights, Mr Thick and I go on cycling dates and head out for ice-cream and waffles.

Hey, at least we work hard for our food.

Now, I can’t wait for A to be older so that he can ride along with us.

Two of Us


The husband mistook my frantic SOS waves to the baby monitor for a, oh I don’t know, friendly gesture.

The only friendly gesture that I want to show him is one involving a certain finger.

End of story, because I was lying in the dark for an hour with our clingy, koala of a child, shivering in my outfit of nursing tank and shorts. I would have totally gone to sleep with said child – whose arms were tightly wound around my neck and whose entire body was on top of mine – except for the fact that I hadn’t showered and was feeling pretty funky. Also, I needed to empty my bladder. Like now.

Okay, end of end of story. For real this time.

Good thing the child is cute.
Everything Else

Chasing the sun

Over the weekend, we went chasing after the sunset.

It was a very impromptu affair. We were on our way home after celebrating a dear friend’s birthday and the birth of his daughter, when I saw that the sun was hanging gloriously low in the sky. Told Mr Thick to drive to an empty field near our house so that we could enjoy the sight of the setting sun when he one-upped me by taking us to the reservoir instead.

Armed with our packed dinners, two canned drinks and a picnic mat that’s always left in the car, we parked ourselves by the waterfront and enjoyed this spectacular view.

All throughout dinner, I kept repeating to husband, “Wow. Amazing. So beautiful.” And it WAS AMAZING! I don’t know how to explain the feeling or the sight. It felt like a miracle, being able to see the setting sun and catching the changing colours of the sky. When the clouds lit up and turned fiery red, it was almost as if my heart had stopped and I was gasping for breath. I felt like I was so close to the edge of the horizon and yet so far at the same time. The feeling is indescribable and the view was simply incredible. Absolutely incredible.

It reminded me of the Omni-Theatre and the movies that we used to watch there during our primary school days. I loved the Omni-Theatre! Anyone remember watching the volcano movie “Ring of Fire” there?

I have a feeling we will be having more picnics at that park. How lovely, lovely!

The organised chaos

On my side

It’s funny how everytime I am down, Corrinne May is the one who has a song that aptly sums up how I feel.

It’s been 10 years since I started listening to her music and her voice has never failed to soothe me. Has the time really flown by so quickly?

Something happened over the weekend that made me come to a realization. It’s personal so I don’t want to share it here. But the sadness that overcame me took me by surprise, I never knew I had felt so strongly until it happened.

I went to work on Monday feeling as if someone had sucker-punched me in the gut. It didn’t help that this is a very intense week in school. Plus, Mr A seems to have hit a sleep regression of sorts and has been extremely needy and fussy at night. I feel as if I am barely holding it together.

And as I sat at my desk dwelling on the blueness that was threatening to engulf my day, this song played on the radio and something just clicked in my mind. What a perfect song for my mood.

Two of Us

Married life #27

Me: Check out this photo that I had posted on Instagram. And the caption.

Him: (looks) Oh. Aiyah, you should have cropped it a bit higher.

Me: I KNOW RIGHT. I only realised it after I posted it.

Him: Yah. My tummy is still quite obvious.

Me: Too late.

Him: Can you delete the post, crop off the bottom a bit more, and then repost it on Instagram?


What tummy

Your wish is my command as am v v amicable and loving wife, in addition to being Fabulously Gorgeous.