11 thoughts on “First time lucky?”

  1. eh it is!

    coolbies, congrats. the place looks damn nice and so convenient! how big is it and which configuration are u getting? it kinda looks like mine except mine is puny.


  2. popartgirl – OMG. You two are so nonchalant! I’m getting all bubbly and excited already.

    YC – Yah….you were kind of teaching me which flat layout I should pick. Unfortunately, we only get to select our flat on the fifth day so I think we will only see the crappy choices.


  3. aiyah, cos this is like the ONLY flats we’ve seen and it’s not exactly our ideal location and siz(e)ing, so not that onz about checking. yeah yc, joker had to go retrieve his regn code from a mountain of emails, that’s why the delay, hehe.

    but anyway, if you’re interested, joker’s and my bid failed. haha! time to look at other flats.

    i refuse to live in punggol.


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