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The story of how I fell…

…down the stairs.

One fine and balmy Thursday evening (ie. this evening), I was on my way to the gym at The Cathay when, inspired by the beautiful sunset, I decided to whip out my Holga and snap a few shots.

I was so taken by the view in front of me that I failed to look beneath my feet. If I had, I would have noticed that I was standing on the precipice of a flight of stairs. But I wasn’t looking and this was how I missed the step and tumbled down.

With one hand holding on to my precious plastic camera and the other clutching my shoe bag, I watched in dismay as my foot fell and landed on its ankle. As it twisted, my mind went blank and I could only sit down in despair when it was finally over in, oh, three seconds.

Nobody came to my rescue, nobody helped me up as I sat on the stairs in shock. I finally gathered my wits and grabbed my phone to call the husband. As I spoke to him in near hysterics, he asked, are you laughing or crying? That made me even more hysterical and I promptly burst into tears.

I’ll be right there as soon as I finish this, he said.

I sat down on the steps, all silly and teary-eyed when I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and took the photos that I had meant to take.

Thankfully, Popartgirl was nearby and quickly came to my rescue by taking me to the gym where a pack of ice was procured. Even now, the ankle is still swollen, still in pain and still wrapped in ice.

What a doofus I am!

At least it was a gorgeous sunset…


Cookies epic FAIL

So. Popartgirl and I tried to make choc chip cookies one Saturday evening. It turned out like that. We were greedy and chucked big lumps of cookie dough onto the baking tray. And instead of many cookies, we had one big cookie.

But it’s all good. For our second batch, we grew a bit smarter and spaced them out further and they looked and smelt wonderful!

The cookies, based on Ann’s recipe, turned out to be deliciously sweet and moist. We used about 1/4 cup less sugar and it still tasted sweet, probably due to the huge amounts of chocolate chip that we used, and I think we could use less. We also added a packet of pecan nuts, which added a nice crunch to the cookies. The recipe yielded almost 30 cookies.

We like very much!