Wedding March

Visual memories

After every wedding that I attend, I’d feel the urge to go home and look through the photos taken on our wedding day.

It’s all v strange but as the couple walk down the aisle or cut the cake or pop the champagne or make their speech, my heart will turn to mush and then I’ll think back to the day when husband and I did all that too. Recently, it was W and T’s wedding and both Mr Thick and I were deeply involved in it. And it made me miss my wedding!

When people talk to us about wedding plans, I always say to them, what is your priority? For us, it was clear: food/atmosphere and photography were of utmost importance to us. So I bought a cheaper dress and inexpensive shoes, made do with decorations bought from the internet, skipped the whole evening dress nonsense and borrowed most of my jewellery.

And whadaya know, three years on and I still go all gooey when I look at our wedding pix. Love. Eadwine was definitely the perfect choice. I mean, the ROI has been astounding!

Thicknthin: Young ones

Thicknthin: Oops I missed that?

Thicknthin: Husband and wife


But well, the wedding was fabulous but the marriage has proven to be even more awesome. ♥ Although I wouldn’t say no to another ceremony, heh heh. Maybe for our 10th year anniversary?

9 thoughts on “Visual memories”

  1. totally agree on your choice of photographer! and I’m envious you both : ) I kept telling him it will always be my regret our wedding pg wasnt him (he’ll give me a sad face and say ‘dun u want me to be your husband’) ha. between him as the wedding pg and groom, of cos I choose (hv chosen) the latter. If only somehow he can be both the groom and pg


  2. Me too me too!! I keep telling mel at every wedding how I wish we could get married all over again. 10th anniversary sounds like a plan… πŸ™‚


  3. Jen – haha that’s hilarious!! But you are his biggest fan!!

    Dotz – We should do a joint ceremony or something haha! And do all the things we wanted to buy couldn’t.

    Ead -No lah, you were teh awesomeness!


  4. Hi yAnn πŸ™‚

    Although I wouldn’t be walking down the aisle anytime soon, I cannot help but confess that wedding photography is a MUST on my wedding list! In fact, as ironic as it might sound, the wedding pictures is often 1 of the highlight for me during a wedding dinner … sometimes, more than the food itself! if u were to ask me now, my priority is to have an intimate wedding with family and the closest friends. No long-distance relatives or business partners/etc. But well, that’s the ideal :p


  5. Hey gal, you looked gorgeous on your wedding day!! And each photo was full of natural smiles, bursting with radiance and blissful energy. I can absolutely feel it through the photos. You guys make a lovely pair.


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