Bun in oven

The 18-week belly

This is the stretch of pregnancy where we are coasting.

Gone are the days of perpetual sickness, gone is the cloud of fatigue that hangs over my every move. These days, I have energy and appetite, both of which make me a very happy camper. We’ve – okay, I’ve – bought up a storm, packed the bundles of clothes that the nugget has inherited from his big brother Rai and got all the decorations ready for his nursery.

I took my very first class this week and I am so very happy with my decision to switch careers. Granted, I don’t have to deal with admin bullshit yet and my time is spent only on teaching so the glasses are still rose-tinted from where I am perched. I’ve yelled at naughty kids (who were tossing a rubber lizard at the girls!), laughed at their silliness and smiled at their willingness to try. The bosses have been warm and encouraging and honestly, I can think of no better environment for a pregnant woman to nurture her baby in.

The nugget’s been letting me know that ooh boy, caffeine makes him a jumpy baby. Twice in the past week I have downed merely half a cup of teh-si and both times the Tiny Human made himself known immediately after the deed was done. There was a series of wriggles which made me giggle and a couple of flipping moves. I’m not sure if he likes it or he hates it but I am hoping it’s the former because mama here can’t live without her tea.

Husband still can’t feel the buttery movements of his little boy yet but he’s taken to whispering to the belly at bedtime. When I ask him what he is saying, he tells me that it’s a secret between father and son. Hmph, a boys’ club already?

We went for a friend’s wedding luncheon over the weekend and I was delighted to find that I could fit into a pre-pregnancy dress. A pretty frock, some makeup and a whimsical clutch – it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.

(PS Girlfriend X’s FET is successful! Send a happy, congratulatory thought her way, will you?)

8 thoughts on “The 18-week belly”

  1. beanbean: thank you! Looking forward to the day I can take the Reserved Seat on the MRT legitimately, without feeling like a fraud. 😛

    nise: sniffs sniffs, I heart you.


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