Wedding March

Wanted: Camera whoring

I readily admit that I can be a camera whore when the occasion calls for it.
Especially if alcohol is involved. Uh-hmm.

So imagine my utmost delight and glee when I came across the following video on my very “well-endowed” (double-Ds, even bigger than mine) photographer’s blog:
Plush Crazy Booth from eadwine on Vimeo.

How cool is that?!

Initially when we started planning the wedding, we toyed with the idea of involving the photo booth. The first idea we had for our wedding invites was to go into the booths and snap pictures of us holding cards that formed “We’re getting married!” in each frame. Then, the idea turned into us holding cards somewhere else, which subsequently changed to our “thick n thin” motif. The power of evolution.

After that, I wanted to set up a photo booth at the wedding for our friends to fool around with and look generally stupid. The idea was to put up a large white cloth, chuck a camera with a remote control on a tripod and then get the guests to pose and then snap the pictures with the remote. And if we feel rich enough, we may even buy a Canon Selphy for them to print the crazy snaps. But it got nixed with the practical man (ie. husband-to-be) listed out the flaws of the plan: it’s going to be a pain setting up the backdrop, the lighting will be crap, someone may kill/nick the camera, blah blah blah.

I won’t be eliminating the idea completely. Instead, I plan to borrow a projector screen from our wedding coordinator to act as a backdrop. A box of crazy disguises and accessories will be placed next to it and we’ll encourage people who are bored with eating to go and entertain themselves with their own cameras.

Given that Singaporeans tend to be inhibited in front of strangers (especially strangers comprising of the elderly and the parentals), I’m not too certain if people will bite. But once the alcohol flows, the music is good (it is frigging awesome!) and some brave soul takes the first step to go wild, I’m pretty sure the others will follow.

So if you are reading this and you are heading for our moonlight rendezvous next Sunday, please pray that the weather will behave (please, please, please!) and do let your hair down! Oh, and bring a camera!

(PS: Off-topic, but I just had the best sangria of my life today. I think I drank a whole jug of it. Mmm.)

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Camera whoring”

  1. let’s do this!!!! haha. I can lug the lights i have down but i’ll have to hire someone to handle the lights though *gotta check if he is free*.

    i lugged the gear *studio light bag 12kg, backdrop stands 2kg, backdrop paper 9foot expensive mahjong paper over to that wedding. I paid for the stuff out of my own pocket and i just decided i wanna have fun there!


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