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Way to his heart

Like most men, food is the way to husband’s heart. He loves his food and well, looking at him, you can tell that he’s a man who enjoys eating and has been fed pretty well. Uh-hmm.

ANYWAY, I have been on his back to lose weight in the past 10 years but the dude just never seems to find the motivation. Despite his doctor telling him plainly that he needs to shed 20kg, he has remained largely ambivalent, which just drives me – the thin one in the equation, of course – absolutely nuts. He would sign up for 10km runs, telling himself that he would train for the race. The end result, as we can guess, is that he doesn’t train for the runs and winds up dragging his Xkg heft across the finishing line in pain.

This time, though, the ammunition seems to be enough to get his ass fired up and running. Firstly, the endocrinologist that he is seeing has said Dude, you gotta lose weight. And since we are paying so much money to see a specialist, we would be damned fools for not listening to what he has to say. Secondly, poor husband was made fun of by his eldest brother at a family lunch one Sunday. Over fried and oily dim sum, my brother-in-law pointed out the fact that he is six years older than husband and probably five times fitter. Which, unfortunately, is the truth.

And the feather on the cap? I went ahead and bought a Couch to 5k app on his iPhone. Granted, I bought it using his credits. But no, there really is no excuse for him to not do anything. Look, a 9-week programme to get you to run 5km without stopping! It’s all on your iPhone! Which you fiddle with every other minute! And it can work with your Nike+!

It must have worked because this morning, at 630 in the morning, he rolled off the bed, bade me a sleepy goodbye and went for a run.


Lesson learnt: you have to talk geek to a geek.

Of course, now that I have put this up in the public domain, he has one more reason to keep chugging at this.


5 thoughts on “Way to his heart”

  1. this is funny, teehee!
    dunno why…the posture and proportions somehow remind me of the illustrations for Roald Dahl’s The Twits.


  2. Chug along, Jimmy!

    And while you are at it, please help me chug along too. Woo, is the app any good? There are a couple of similar ones, I’m still deciding which one to get! :p


  3. Hey Yuling, he likes the app so far. It’s easy to use, progressive and it works with Nike+ running in the background. Try it and I will cheer you on too! 🙂


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