Bun in oven, Health Goddess

So…questions, anybody?

You’ve all been so unbelievably kind, thank you for all the well wishes and blessings!

I was just talking to husband about blogging and how I wonder if it’s good that I keep putting myself out there…here…you know what I mean. Sometimes, I do question if I should exercise some form of discretion or privacy. But then, I think back to the days when I felt like I was at the bottom of the deepest pit in the world, all alone and miserable, and I realize that I write because it keeps me sane. More importantly, I hope that my words will bring some form of comfort and companionship to those who are going through the same infertility shit as we did.

Anyway, I know that people are just DYING to know more about the nugget. I mean, I would too, but I am just terribly kaypoh to begin with. So think of the following as some sort of FAQ if you will, heh.

That picture. Were those supermodels?
Why yes, thanks for asking! Those were the undeniably sexxxy abs of Mr Thick and me. That’s why I love the man, he’s such a good sport and he actually laughed when I suggested taking that photo.

Erm, how was the nugget conceived?
Through good ‘ol fashioned unprotected S-E-X.

But I thought you were infertile!
So did we! After a year of trying plus a year of failed treatments (seven IUIs and one IVF but who’s counting?), it was evident that something wasn’t working. Problem was, we didn’t know what wasn’t working. His boys weren’t the greatest but they weren’t bad, I had PCOS but I was ovulating.

So what worked THIS time?
I lifted my legs up in the air and did bicycle kicks for 20 minutes after sex.


Honestly, we don’t know. It was just a, in Sims speak, whoohoo for fun. I was fully expecting to go for my second round of IVF in October.

What was different: for starters, we consulted a fengshui master, who made recommendations on how we can change the layout of our furnishings to suit our lives, both individually and as a couple. We made the changes, did some minor renovation works and voila! along comes nugget.

At the same time, I was also seeing a TCM doctor, who had me boiling and downing herbs every. Single. Day. I was on my second cycle with her when I discovered that I was pregnant.

Lastly, spawning was the last thing on our minds. We were just having a break from treatments and injections. We even made travel plans without the thought of what if we are pregnant for the first time in two years. But Murphy ADORES me and so I went for two quick holidays within my first trimester when it’s considered a no-no to do so.

So what worked? It could have been any of or all three factors. It might even have been the “just relax and you will get pregnant” rubbish, who knows? Maybe I’ll have to eat my words.

How did you find out you were pregnant?
Ah, I wrote a whole bunch of private posts on that, which I will be unlocking shortly. Watch this space!

How many weeks along are you now?
We are almost 13 weeks now. The Tiny Human is due in March next year. But because the kid has his/her father’s fat genes, we have moved the due date up TWICE. IN SIX WEEKS.

Do you want a boy or a girl?
The textbook answer is, as long as the baby’s healthy, we don’t care. But between you and me? I want a girl NAO! Girls are so much fun to play with. But Mr Thick wants a boy, because he thinks that boys will be easier on his pocket.

How was your first trimester?
Both good and bad. The perpetual nausea and exhaustion almost downed me, I was hating every journey I had to make to and fro work on the MRT. But thankfully, that was as bad as it got. I was very lucky that work was winding down for me and my boss was both understanding and comforting.

So that’s that. Like I said, I have a bunch of posts that I had written during my first trimester which are locked up now. I’ll be unlocking them soon so stay tuned!