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Geek found somewhere else

So, I went to work in a grumpy and dumpy mood.

I hadn’t slept well, had a failed attempt at jogging (curse the day I kena IBS) and was not speaking to him due to a misunderstanding. And then I reached the office only to be met by a waspish editor who thankfully morphed back into her usual cheery self shortly before lunch (earlier suspicions of PMS proved to be right) .

Moreover, nyrtap was having a go at me over MSN whenever he could despite my already vulnerable state, insisting that Tiger would be eating me up for lunch come April 29. (edit: nyrtap wants me to say that he was joking and that he really is a very nice guy.)

I got sick of him and of cracking my brains for good leads on Itanium and decided to surf around. And lo and behold, as this blog was loading, I saw my own bespectacled self staring back and me.


I was so shocked, I closed the window and stared at my pretty wallpaper.
I loaded it again and really, that’s my face on his blog.

I’m super embarrassed because if you have looked at the previous photos, they were all of pouty girls with come-hither looks. They all look like Christy Chung‘s younger sisters (yes, the Christy Chung link is beneficial to all men, go click). And I looked like a blardy underaged nerd next to them. Gawd. I am so not the shagworthy kind. I….I look like a librarian!

Okay, that is so stereotypical, naughty yann.

But anyway, thanks Kor for the shout-out. Much appreciated.

Prada eye bags
Who says I look like nerd? I got Prada eye bags, donch play play