Friends, Two of Us

Saturday, bargain day

And in a blink of an eye, the weekend is over. It’s back to the grind tomorrow, back to the undesirable week of afternoon shifts. Thank goodness for a wonderful Saturday then.

It started bright and early, with the boyfriend and I popping by our usual prata place for brunch under the blazing hot sun. It was hot. Because I was nursing a sniffling nose, I decided to get a hot drink, a teh halia (ginger milk tea) no less. Throw a spicy mutton curry into the mix and you get a wilting yAnn. We escaped into the cool comfort of the car as quickly as we could.

Because the boyfriend was keen to go for the Wing Tai warehouse sale (yes, he wanted to go shopping), we drove to the warehouse only to be greeted by a snaking queue of determined shoppers armed with many, many bags of items and waiting to pay under the blazing hot sun. We went in for a lookie anyway, saw a couple of good bargains that we might have bought otherwise but decided not to because it just wasn’t worth the time queueing.

With plenty of time on our hands, we swung by Tannery Lane where a Nine West warehouse sale was going on. The air-conditioning and the vending machine were sadly the highlights for us. There were beautiful shoes but the heels were just too high for clumsy ‘ol me to handle. Plus, I am mainly in sneakers and ballet pumps these days.

Since we were in the area already, we thought to visit a sports shop that was around the corner. But it wasn’t great – the pickings were slim and prices similar to the shops in town despite its “warehouse” claims.

The next planned stop was Parkway Parade, as it housed adidas, Nike Women and Topshop, all of which I had discount coupons for. As we whizzed down MacPherson Road, the eagle-eyed boyfriend suddenly shouted out “Why Pay More!!” (the budget sports shop owned by RSH) and in that split second, our plans changed and we made a u-turn at the junction in front. The dude picked out a nice pair of Nike reversible soccer pants, in L size no less {smirks}.

We finally got to Parkway Parade with an hour and some to spare. Encountered no luck with Nike Women and Topshop, before finally hitting the jackpot at adidas (kerchink!!). By that time, both of us were knackered and we retreated to our favourite Ya Kun kaya toast for a well-deserved break.

All that within four hours.

It felt strangely bizarre to be spending Saturday with the dude because he usually plays soccer with the guys before practice and I would be snoozing in bed. But it was wonderful, that feeling of carefree abandon. We shopped, talked, joked, laughed, held hands, kissed, hugged and it was like how it used to be when we first started dating.

Then at night, the usual choir gang trooped down to a games cafe near Parkway Parade where we giggled, acted, hummed, sculpted, spelt and drew for three whole hours. It was hilarious, and it really brought out the wackiness in everyone. During our long-drawn game of Cranium, they came to the conclusion that I had the jinxed touch. Every card that I drew for Sandy and Bralala were tough tasks to complete and they failed 85% of the time. But the jinxed hand came in handy (unintentional corniness) when I warded off the impending victory of Cat and Mr Busy for a good amount of time. Hah!

Meanwhile, the boyfriend busied himself by creating a clay model of himself and throwing tantrums when we needed the clay for the sculpting activities.

Nice Saturday. Happy!

3 thoughts on “Saturday, bargain day”

  1. Oooh.. is the games cafe by any chance the newly opened Settler’s cafe?

    cranium is fun! i love the creative cat category, especially when you have to draw with your eyes closed.. wahaha


  2. Hi there! I heard about the wingtai warehouse sale! Is it over?
    May i noe if the Ninewest sale is over too?
    Thnx! =]


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