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The girls are back!

!(imgleft)https://testing120181.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/satc.jpg(Sex and the City: The Movie)!

After a painful and often lonely (hah!) four-year wait, Sex and the City is finally back!

Watching the fabulous foursome (sorry, Beatles) on Oprah brought a tingle of anticipation and some unexpected tears in the eyes. It all sounds melodramatic but the truth is, there has never been a show like Sex and the City and there never will be. It may not be the first dramedy featuring female insights and neurosis to hit the small screens (hello, Ally McBeal!) but it was breathtaking in the way it treated its characters, the colourful and creative fashion, the personification of New York City (the famous fifth character), the battlefield called Love and the heartwarming theme of friendship.

It’s been more than five years since I started watching the show but throughout these years, my adoration for it has never waned. It’s made me ponder about my own life, nod in disbelieving agreement at what was being said, brought on tears and laughter, and more than a passing thought of living my life the way they do: with unbridled passion, freedom and deep kinship for one another. It was almost as if it wasn’t just a television show but a reflection of the innermost thoughts that I never knew I had. And, oh, the insecurities, the optimism, the dreams, the passion, the love, the determination, the pain, the complexity, the desire…all these emotions and situations resonated deep within me.

I’m just glad that it’s all coming back now, even if it’s just for one day. May 30, mark your calendar!

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