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Kate Moss Topshop

I have to admit: I am a huge fan of the headline hogging Miss Moss. While I don’t quite care for her cocaine loving ways or her deplorable taste in men, it is very obvious that this leggy clotheshorse has a fabulous style of her own outside of the catwalk. Plus, it definitely does not hurt that she has a body that seems to be made for clothing to flow on.

But does her own oh-so-eclectic way of dressing translate well into clothes for the ordinary folks? Let’s take a look at her line for Topshop.

! Moss for Topshop)!

The dresses

!(imgcenter) for bigger image)!:

I really do adore the first dress (top left). The cutout, halter collar is very simple and yet it draws your attention right to the shoulders. Sloping shoulders need not apply.

The metallic halterneck dress (top, second from left) draws a rather ambivalent response from me. While I think it flows rather nicely, I have a strong feeling it will look rather cheap in reality.

Ditto the sequin mini dress (top, second from right). The flapper style is rather chic but on an ordinary girl who is no Irina Lazareanu (I love, love, love her edgy vibe!), we might end up getting overwhelmed. And some fashion bloggers who managed to lay their hands on the dress found it too uncomfortable. And it’s a pricey 120 quid! God forbid a paillette should fall off!

The floral v-neck dress (top, right) is perfect for our perpetual summer weather. It looks light, swingy and the gravity-defying length is a great antidote to our hot, muggy days.

The shimmering white shift dress (bottom left) is quite cute but not something I would expect from Kate Moss. I can see it being paired with opaque black tights and mary janes. Classy but may not be worth the price.

Next we come to my favourite pick of the pile – this lovely one-shouldered, breezy white cotton dress (bottom second from left). The gentle folds at the shoulder are so girly, the cut is elegant but the length just screams out pure fun. It’s supposedly a limited edition not yet out in stores but if you are a celebrity, the rules don’t apply.

I’m going to skip this next one (bottom, second from right) – it’s blah, and on petite 5’5″ girls like us (okay, me), we’ll be drowning in the cloth. Yawn.

This last one (bottom left) cuts quite an elegant figure. However, you would need a Kate Moss figure (ie. tall and lanky) in order to look and feel gorgeous in it. Normal girls like me be busy adjusting the dress to better cover our bits and bobbles.

The pants

“Click for bigger image”:

I’m not really too hot about the pant suits and jeans. While I covet the red skinny jeans that is sold on the website (I reckon I could get Hams to bring it to Singapore for me?), the rest are just humdrum to me.

I like the aviator shades on the leftmost picture (isn’t Irina just the picture of retro rock chic?), am appalled the second outfit is even on the list, like the vintage motif on the teeshirt for the third, love the blend of ladylike masculinity for the suit (second from right) and think ordinary girls will look like aunties for the last.

Conclusion? This collection, reportedly costing Topshop at least 3 million quid, yields some special pieces but the rest is not quite worth the hype. I expected more vintage inspired wear from Kate Moss but the line just seems to be mostly ordinary pieces that you could buy from the normal Topshop line anyway.

Maybe Chloe Sevigny or Zooey Deschanel (two of my fashion icons) could give Miss Moss a run for her money with their interpretation of vintage.

(All images from Topshop!)

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