Silly things

Simple pleasures

The dude likes to tag me for such stuff. Maybe it’s because he knows how much I delight in such memes, jumping late onto the bandwagon along with the rest of the blogosphere.

Anyway, the meme goes like this: Name five of life’s simple pleasures that you like most, then pick five people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not use things that someone else has already used.

But because I want to appear intellectual and sophisticated, I will actually do two versions of the meme. Okay, I am kiasu, can?

The Intellectual version

  • Reading the newspapers from end to end. Of every section, minus Recruit and Classified
  • Staying engrossed in intriguing books before bedtime or on a lazy Sunday with the rain pouring outside my window, while tucked snugly under my toasty quilt
  • Taking an accidental shot that ends up looking fabulous, if I may say so myself
  • Travelling the world to soak in the different cultures
  • Hearing the chords fall neatly into place to form harmonious melodies as the choir sings

Now, for The Bimbo version (don’t laugh!).

  • Finding a pair of pants or shoes or a top that actually fits perfectly, without the need for alteration, and does not kill my bank account
  • Having a phone conversation with my four-year-old nephew, talking about the most ludicrous things (“No darling, your saliva won’t reach me if you spit into the phone, it doesn’t work that way”)
  • EITHER sticking my legs onto his lap while he is driving to get a foot massage and a ride home at the same time OR physically abusing him in various ways, such as bitch-slapping (no more than ant bites, really) his arm and stomach and kicking his arse. Can’t make up my mind (OOPS does this consider as two simple pleasures?)
  • Immersing myself in In Style magazine and then thinking, Ah hah! I have this, this, this, and this so now I can have the perfect outfit!
  • Pigging out on nasi lemak, chendol, rojak, char kway teow, roast duck and Hainanese chicken rice all in a day. Shiok, huh?

I’m supposed to tag people but really, I think everyone should do it once you have actually taken the time to read through my wonderful list. Go on, unleash the inner bimbo in you!

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